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Beauty and ugliness are everywhere- even in some of the same things. To some a wide open prairie is empty and colourless-but to others it is uncluttered simplicity-the way of life itself ought to be. Physical appeal is high on some lists, "but nu tso du na" , which is Cherokee for comfort, lasts longer. Whatever is in our hearts is in our sight. To love something or someone makes us see the beauty of it- not the wrong. It is our advantage to be gentle in our observations to see and cultivate the best in who we are and in those around us. We love quiet, we suffer the mouse to play; when the winds are rustled by the wind, we fear not.

(Indian Chief 1796)

Hello, my name is Tawnia.   I am a 25 year old native female of Blackfoot decent.

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There is not much information on the web about the Blackfoot natives, so I thought would create a page dedicated to the Blackfoot nation.   I have organized the different topics about natives and gave them their own links.   I Hope you enjoy your stay!

Talking Feather     A Native Prayer     Quotes from Natives

About the Blackfoot     Animal Spirit

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