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Welcome to pipet's parlour
Mission Statement
The goal of my parlour is to provide information about biomedical research to the general public. Unfortunately, scientists often convey their research in a manner that anyone without a PhD in the respective field is absolutely lost. This is rather sad to me, so in a small way I want to help more people understand science. It is true that understanding all the details of research requires quite a bit of scientific background, but just about anyone can understand the basics. Much of the current research is very thrilling and offers hope in the treatment of many diseases; everyone should be able to share in the excitement. Another purpose of my parlour is to emphasize how research on bacteria, yeast, flies, and the like can help us understand how we, humans, function. (Yes, we share lots of genes with all those critters!) Once we better understand how things work (like yeast & flies), then we can try to figure out a way to fix things (like people) when they aren't working. Please feel free to e-mail me with comments and suggestions as to how I am doing (just edit out the NOSPAM from my e-mail address).

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learning links
There are some great sources on the web to learn about different areas of biology, including genetics, virology, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and more.

the human genome
Check out the human genome project!

Check out journal articles on the web.

my research
Check out my research on the genetics of bipolar disorder. Also, check out another research interest of mine: Friedreich's ataxia.

my opinion
Check out my editorial. This quarter, learn about my perspective on genetically modified food.

book list
Amazon.com sells almost every book you need, so of course they have a great selection of biology discovery stories, biographies, tutorials, and texts to aid in your quest for knowledge.

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