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To talk little is natural. High winds do not last all morning. Heavy rain does not last all day. Why is this? Heaven and Earth! If heaven and earth cannot make things eternal, How is it possible for man?

He who follows Dao Is at one with the Dao. He who is virtuous Experiences Virtue. He who loses the way Feels lost. When you are at one with the Dao The Dao welcomes you. When you are at one with Virtue, The Virtue is always there. When you are at one with loss The loss is experienced willingly.

He who does not trust enough Will not be trusted.


Dao De Jing was written by Lao Zi. All his life he taught that "the Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao". Inspite of this he wrote roughly 5000 words trying to do just that. Those 5000 words are the Dao De Jing. For 2500 years they have provided one of the major underlying influences in Chinese thought and culture.

Daoism is a way of life. I have just started my journey and I am not sure where it will end, or if it ever will. As this page developes I will let you travel with me. Who knows, perhaps we will both learn something on the way!! Lao Zi once said that "he who speaks knows nothing, he who knows is silent". So when I know the meaning of Dao, this page will be empty...

The ideograph for Dao consists of two elements, head (leader) and feet (progress). As a disciple following his master.

All things arise from Dao. They are nourished by Virtue. They are formed from matter. They are shaped by environment. Thus the ten thousand things all respect Dao and honor Virtue. Respect of Dao and honor of Virtue are not demanded, But they are in the nature of things.

Therefore all things arise from Dao. By Virtue they are nourished, Developed, cared for, Sheltered, comforted, Grown and Protected. Creating without claiming, Doing without taking credit, Guiding without interfering, This is primal Virtue.


The great Dao flows everywhere, both to the left and to the right. The ten thousand things depend upon it; it holds nothing back. It fulfills its purpose silently and makes no claim.

It nourishes the ten thousand things, And yet is not their lord. It has no aim; it is very small.

The ten thousand things return to it, Yet it is not their lord. It is very great.

It does not show greatness, And is therefore truly great


Since I believe that the Dao cannot be told and that if you are truly interested in finding our what Dao is for you you will create your own view of what it is. But to do that you will need to read and learn about what others have said about it. Do not take this information in as your own, but make your own picture! I have collected a few links to, what I think is interesting pages on the net. Feel free to explore them if you wish.

Yi Jing is a book of fortunes. You throw sticks or coines and they will give you the answre to your question. The answer you will get is not easy, but requires you to think about what it wants to tell you. In a way you might say that you answer yourself with the guidance of the Yi Jing.

Links to almost all the Yi Jing related sites on the web! If you want to know about the Yi Jing, this is where you will find what you are looking for!
To learn more about Dao please visit some of the pages in the Webring below. If you are interested in Tai Ji Quan, do visit my Tai Ji page as well. Tai Ji is an ancient form of martial art that combines physical exercise and mental strength. The ulitmate way to practise martial art is to be as aware of body as well as mind. Tai Ji is a way to reach this!
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