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This is a site for the common good of involved in Corvair Restoration. Information here is public domain and will be created by all those who choose to help identify the hidden meanings in the code placed on Fisher Body ID plates on the Corvair Automobiles

Enter ID information on the Body Tag for all
1960 to 1969 Corvairs.

A new Survey Form is now available for you to print out and take to your car. This should make it easier to compile the correct information

The Survey Form that you can print is Here.

Click the Tag for the new Input Form.

Enter ID Information Here

New! Interior Trim Codes for '65 & '66!

And here for Interior Trim Codes for '67 to '69

The 60-64 info will be along soon...

Chevrolet Customer Assistance Line 1-800-222-1020 can provide you with a booklet that lists all of the Regular Equipment, Regular Production Options and Dealer Options if you provide them with the Model, Year and VIN of your car. Handy booklet also includes specs and other info. Not bad for FREE!!! Ring them up.

Here are codes you can break

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All you 65 owners check this out.

Here's Larry Claypool's 1965 only survey:
"As a continuation of my "Stock Is" series, I am attempting to collect some rather detailed information on Corvairs of all years for publication in the Corsa Communique, and posting to this group. I already have pretty good info on 63, 66, and 69; this particular survey is limited to1965 Corvair passenger cars. Originality is most important for these survey results. If you know a particular item is not correct for your car please leave that information blank. Some of the questions are detailed, please take the time to verify exactly what you have. Fill in as needed, then e-mail me whole thing back at tatra@urbancom.net
or print it out, fill in and snail mail me at:
21403 80th Ave., Frankfort, IL 60423.
Or you could fax it to me too. (815)469-1354
Thanks in advance for all your help", Larry Claypool


Cut and Paste this to your word processor. Overtype the underlines to answer. For "check-one" options, replace underline with a single "X" if true. Remember, if you're unsure if it's original, leave the question blank.
---------------------------------------cut here-----------------------------------------------

*****1965 Corvair Survey*****

(Fill in): Name:_________________________________
Model: __ Monza __ Corsa __ 500
Body Style __Sport sedan __Coupe __Convertible
Exterior color(s):
Upper:______________________ Lower:_______________________
Interior upholstery color:______________________________
Interior painted surface of doors color:____________________________
Convertibles: color of interior top framework:______________________
Convertibles: top exterior color:_______________________________
Vehicle Identification Number on left side frame rail near battery (Example: 10737W164405): ____________________________________
Fisher body tag information (found on top of rear frame rail). Location of the numbers and letters is important, please be as accurate as possible:
_______________________________________________________| _______________________________________________________| _______________________________________________________| _______________________________________________________| _______________________________________________________|
Engine Number (Example: TI204RB):____________________________
Please check item if option is believed to be originally installed on this car:
__Air conditioning
__Tinted windshield only
(please note the brand):
__Tinted glass, all windows
__Bumper guards
__Radio specify: __AM __AM pushbutton __AM/FM
__Rear seat speaker
__Rear antenna
__Padded dash
__Front seat belts, standard (plastic buckles) __front seat belts, deluxe (chrome buckles)
__Front and rear belts, deluxe

__LH mirror, manual __LH mirror, remote
__spare tire lock using trunk key to operate (only)
__Two speed wipers w/washers
__telescopic steering column
__Powerglide automatic trans
__4 speed manual trans
__180 turbo engine
__power top (convertibles only)
__fold down back seat (500 series only)
__Full Wheel covers with black rims (500 series only)
__Rear door armrests (500 SEDAN only)
Please answer the following questions:
For all cars:
In the rear suspension area, the small "L" shaped angle brackets that attach the 3/8" stabilizer rods (which go to the front of the rear trailing arms) to the ends of the transmission mounting bracket are a plain L shape or have side reinforcements (forming a C shape in cross section). (Check one):
__Plain L-shape __C-shape cross-section
For all cars:
Look at the right front shroud (where the heater hose/heater hose duct attaches) from under the car. Is there 1 or are there 2 bolt(s) at the front lower edge holding this shroud to the lower shroud. Also, do the two bolts that hold this shroud (and the front of the muffler heat shield) to the front of the cylinder head have a 3/8" head or do they have a " head? (Check one in each column):
__One bolt at front lower edge __3/8" head bolt to engine
__Two bolts at front lower edge __1/2" head bolt to engine
For all cars:
The seam of the rubber engine perimeter seal is behind the oil cooler, or at the front edge center (check one):
__Behind oil cooler __Front edge center
For all cars:
The 1/4" bolt that holds the right hand muffler bracket to the right side shroud goes from the shroud to a nut on the bracket or from the bracket to a nut on the top of the shroud (check one):
__bolt from shroud to bracket nut
__bolt from bracket to shroud nut
For all cars with front antenna:
The antenna is located closest to the middle or the rear edge of the air ventilator grille (check one):
__Closer to middle of grille __Closer to rear edge of grille
For all cars EXCEPT TURBO:
The vacuum balance tube goes over or under the throttle rod from the transmission (check one):
__Over throttle rod __Under throttle rod
For cars WITHOUT telescopic column only:
There is or is not a steering shaft coupler up near the gas tank filler neck hoses:
__Shaft coupler __No shaft coupler
For Corsa models ONLY:
What color is the original body pinstripe (note- colors believed to be used were black, white, red, lt. blue, dk blue, and saddle)(fill in):
Pinstripe color:____________________________
For TURBO cars ONLY:
This car came with the spyder style muffler, hanger, and strap, or the larger , later corsa muffler with direct bolt on hanger (check one):
__Muffler, hanger, strap __Direct bolt-on hanger
For 140 HP cars ONLY:
This car has the early (carb crosshaft with long slotted secondary actuation) carb linkage without secondary lock out mechanism, or has the later spring operated secondaries with lockout:
__Spring-op secondaries __Rod-op secondaries(no lockout)
Please include any history or documentation you may have for this car. Also note any unusual features . Comments or questions are also welcomed.
-------------------------cut here----------------------------------

After you have done your part to help your fellow Corvair Enthusiasts you may go to The Corvair Center as your reward!!!

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