"People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors"
Edmund Burke - 1790

For the past 18 years I have been researching my family. As of now I have verified over 1300 relatives and am able to go back to the 1100's - I know the name of my 23rd great-grandfather! In June of 1997 I bought a computer and the "Family Tree Maker" program to go with it. I have put all my research into the program and have added it to the "World Family Tree" project. My family commented on how I was "finally finished" with the family tree: Boy were they wrong!! With my computer and the internet I hope to be able to find "lost" ancestors and continue lines that I had thought were dead ends. Included here are: a List of over 280 of my relative's Surnames containing first names, places and dates of births & deaths; some Links you may find helpful in your searching; a list of the most common Ports of Entry into the US on the east coast between 1804 and 1945; a list of regional branches of the National Archives for researching military records, and copies of census reports: for the Shirkey, Hawbaker, Spence and Shirkey families in Cherrytree township, Venango Co., Pennsylvania dated 1870, and the Maloney, Belle, Morton, Williams and Stilson families on North Hill Street, in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California dated 1900.

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Note: I have arranged all the surnames in alphabetical order instead of the usual "generations" order to make it easier to search out names you are looking for. If you find a name you are looking for, click on it and you will go to the page where I have listed my known ancestors with that last name, their date & place of birth, date & place of death and other information. If the word "lost" is next to the name I know next to nothing about that person and am searching for any information available. If you have information, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, please contact me - every little bit helps! If you feel that someone on this list is one of your ancestors feel free to contact me, I may have more information available. Plus, that means we might be related too! In May 1998 I was contacted by Rob Whitmire who turned out to be my 1/2 3rd cousin twice removed! He had information about the family tree I didn't have; also in May I was contacted by Joe Miller, and even though he isn't directly related to me, our families connected through marriage and I have even more names to add. So you see, it can happen!

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