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Welcome to my world...enter if you dare!!! Happy New Year! Well, almost anyways, but I expect it will be 2001 before I update this again, so I figure I'd best get that in, now that Christmas is over. Life is taking a turn for the better despite everything falling apart around me. I've got a great new guy who rocks my world and it looks like I may have a job soon, which means a place of my own will follow shortly. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves...hey, if you haven't heard from me in awhile, drop me a line! My e-mail addy is all over the place on this site.

Welcome to my site if you haven't been here before and thanks for coming again if you have! I haven't done much with my site for awhile but I've started work on it recently so please feel free to enjoy that which is here, and tell me what you think as I chip away at updating it. Have fun and take care!

If you're looking for something in specific, use the search box above...and if you have a few minutes, go to my picpage and vote for me (link above) and sign my new Guestbook. Otherwise, feel free to visit one of the other new things listed below, or anything else that's kicking around that might interest you!

I just had one special comment in relation to my Most Annoying Things list...I had some comments that that was mean to put Jamie as #1. You have to understand that Jamie and I are really, really good friends...he was the first person to call me after I moved although he got my new # a day after some other people. I would never do anything to deliberately hurt Jamie; that was somewhat an inside joke of ours. So don't think I'm a mean person, K? 'Cause I'm really not! *big smiles*

Do you think that your page deserves an award? E-mail me your addy and I'll send you one if I like it!

I updated my Profile...October 19, 2000. This time I completely redid it...not just specifics changed, I scrapped it all and started again so you might want to check it out. And, new May 16, 2000, Alice in Wonderland pics! In honour of Sagi. *grins* Yeah, Byron, I know...no, I couldn't find any painting the roses red ones.

If you didn't download that little thing, you should go back and download it; it takes 10 seconds max and then you get to see cool mouse pointers on various pages.

The Animals in My Life

I created pages for all the animals: Furbles, Patches, Missy, Harrison, Baby, Sam, Spike, my fish, and my frogs. There are also pages of Furbles and Buster meeting, and Furbles, Buster, and Sam having a little critter party! Visit these pages and learn more about my animal friends!

The World-Famous Detective Chin

Come and find out about the little furballs that I'm so enamored with! I have pictures of my own darling Furbles and some gorgeous ones of other chins, chinchilla graphics, a nifty survey, links to chinchilla sites in 16 languages, and more! Also included in my site are the famous Detective Chin stories, #1-4 so far. There's lots to see, so be sure to check it out!

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!
This is full of pictures of me. Twelve pages of radiant beauty. *grin* Most recent picture was taken on March 18th; most recent page put up April 21st.

Here's a short video of Kyle and I doing the slide (swing dancing). Click here.

Disney pictures! I've got Alice in Wonderland, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast!

My Collection of Graphics! Lots and lots of pictures of different things! Categories include but are not limited to: Fieros, Teletubbies, Veggietales, Pokémon, and Calvin & Hobbes!

Free Virtual Stuff!!!
Cards from Bluemountain
Boquets from Virtual flowers
Teddy Bears from Virtual bears
Ice Cream from Good Humor/Breyer

Top Ten Lists!!! Top Ten Reasons You Know You've Been in IB Too Long I compiled this list myself! For an explanation of what IB is, for those who are fortunate enough to never have heard of it, go visit Eric's Site where the laws of Thermodynamics are disobeyed on a regular basis. =O) I am a "vengeful sadist" under his classifications of IB people. Or visit IB Sucks, "The Most Extensive Centre for IB Bashing on the Planet!" My dear friend Spencer created this site...it's incomplete but worth the visit anyways just for the disclaimers.

Top Ten Most Annoying Things in the World
Top Ten Nicest Things in the World
Top Ten Scariest Things in the World
Top Ten Most Fun Things in the World
Top Ten Signs the Guy Mugging you has Never Mugged Before
Top Ten Signs You've Been Online Too Long

Funster is my favourite online word game. If you're good at word games, try it. I must confess that I'm not very good at this one, or rather there are many who are far better than I am, but it's still a lot of fun, and if you dislike losing they have solo rooms.

The University of Life has lots of tests to do, including some IQ tests and a typing test to see how fast a typist you are! If you want, you can ask me privately what my score was on the IQ test, but I don't think I should post it on my site. Something about conceit vs confidence or something like that!

Everyone knows how to play Snake. But I love this version! It's really cute. Try it! It can be played offline too...


Into corny computer game music? Well, here ya go! Arcadia, Av_Maria, Canyon, and JonbGood.

My music! Yes sir, these songs were all performed by Yours Truly. They're on the CD I made for Christmas last year. The last song is from my biological mother's CD. Her name is Leisa and the CD is called "Do You Know Me?" If you live in Abbotsford, you can buy it at The House of James!
O Come, O Come Emmanuel (I'm doing both the melody and the harmony)
I Wonder as I Wander
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
Crime & Punishment.....This is a song my friend Matt and I wrote and performed for an English assignment. It's based (surprise, surprise) on the book Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. A very good book if I do say so myself! This is the first of several songs that Matt and I did; unfortunately it is the only one we've recorded so far.
I Need Your Love (Leisa sings the main vocals, I sing the background.)

Miscellaneous stuff!!!
My Quotes Page has just started, but will soon grow to a long list of interesting, humourous, or insightful quotes I've heard. Feel free to send me any you might come across.

Colour Change Page! Truly amusing for simple minds such as mine.

SPAM!!! Read all about that lovely, lovely stuff...well, actually read some fake internet spam! I'm still working on pics, but as they've been sent to me as icons, I have no idea how to convert them--none of my draw programs will open them! If you can convert them for me, let me know and I will happily let you try. And by the way, yes, I do absolutely love fried spam. Especially in a fried egg sandwich made by Byron.

Click here to read my ramblings about myself. (Last updated:June 28, 2000)

Sweet! Check out my nifty awards! Yes, that's right, I got another one! Or just stop by to hear the cool little sound clips of me being praised and Mike being mocked!

So how do you write the noise that bubbles make anyways?Check these out! These are all sites created by my friends!


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