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-- Dean Devlin

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"Very difficult.
Very difficult.
Never comes out
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Also, like, where
do you park his
trailer?  I love
that problem."
-- Roland
Emmerich on the
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giant lizard on
a movie set.

"He does have
the biggest
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-- Hank Azaria on
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What's Next?

July, 2000:
Dean Devlin will be
making his debut as a
director for a movie
called "Cellular".  The
plot centers around a
man who receives a
call on his cell phone
from a strange woman
who is being held
hostage.  He has until
her phone battery runs
out to find her and
save her life.  It's a
unique concept that
could translate into a
big box-office hit with
a relatively low budget.

April, 2000:
Cinescape Online

described this
"different" project that
Centropolis is going to
be involved in:
Entertainment is teaming
up with Village
Roadshow and Warner
Bros. for a giant
monster movie called
Arac Attack. The film,
which Centropolis had
been developing, will
have a budget of $30M.
According to Variety,
the eventual pic will tell
the story of a toxic waste spill that results
in the creation and
rampage of giant
spiders. Described as a
comedy thriller, the film
will be directed by Ellory
Elkayem (They Nest)
and will shoot on
location in Australia.
Production is scheduled
to start in September.
Dean Devlin and Roland
Emmerich will produce
the project. Centropolis
Effects will handle the
film's effects.


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"...Emmerich and producing partner Dean Devlin -- two guys who know how to crank out an Event Movie..." -- Entertainment Weekly Magazine, April, 2000










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The Patriot

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Recent News
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ORA  March 9, 2001
Okay, this is not Centropolis-related, but it's something that I've been itching to do for a long time now.  I've been writing a fiction novel, entitled "Ora", for a while now and I'm almost up to 300 pages with probably another 200 to go.  I've posted the Prologue on a special page of this website in hopes that people who don't know me might read it and subsequently give me their unbiased opinion on what they think of it.  If enough people request it, I might post more chapters.  So, click here if you want to read the Prologue and please send me your comments if you do read it.   Enjoy!


More info on "Arac Attack" spiders February 7, 2001
Dark Horizons
posted this report about the upcoming Centropolis movie.  We now know how big the spiders are going to be:
A few basic details have just been released on the monster sci-fi movie "Arac Attack" currently shooting in Arizona. The giant spider attack movie uses the reasoning that a toxic chemical spill outside a rural mining town is the cause of the mutations of hundreds of little spiders into monsters "the size of SUVs". David Arquette plays a mining engineer and Kari Wuhrer is the local female sheriff who team up to stop them - Scott Tera & Scarlett Johansson play her young son and daughter whilst Doug E. Doug is in the role of a paranoid radio announcer. The film is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

"Stargate: Retaliation" reviewed
January 23, 2001
I just finished reading Bill McCay's second of five "Stargate" novels, "Stargate: Retaliation", the other day.  It continues the adventures of Jack O'Neil, Daniel Jackson and the new villain, Hathor and their exploits on the mining planet of Abydos.  Check out the Expanded Universe section for my review.

stargateretaliation.gif (15637 bytes)

Dedicated "Arac Attack" page added January 23, 2001
With production fully underway on the next event movie from Centropolis, "Arac Attack", I've added a dedicated page for the flick.  So far, there's just some news and rumors along with a brief synopsis and pics of the current cast.  Click here to check it out.

Arac cast grows again
January 19, 2001
The newest addition to the cast of Centropolis' giant spider movie, "Arac Attack", has just been announced.   Cinescape Online has reported that Matt Czuchry has signed on to play an as yet unannounced role in the film.  Matt has had limited acting experience with his most notable role being in the television series, "Young Americans".  I have just one complaint -- can Centropolis pleeease cast people with simple names?

Matt in a natural pose...  

"Give me that award... or else!"

Mel Gibson in 'The Patriot' is the people's choice
January 9, 2001
Congratulations to Mel Gibson who won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Motion Picture for his role as Benjamin Martin in "The Patriot".  This one was well deserved...

Centropolis and Sony get divorced
January 7, 2001
A parting of ways between Centropolis and Sony was recently reported on Cinescape OnlineWord has it that Centropolis Entertainment's deal with Sony/Columbia is over. According to Variety, a spokesperson at Centropolis has confirmed that such is the case stating that the parting was "mutually agreed upon." The company's partners, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, are said to be exploring other options right now, including a self-financed venture as well as possibly setting up a first-look deal with another studio.

   Jonathan was here...

Agent Pat reveals Frakes project...
December 27, 2000:
Many thanks to "Agent Pat" from the Centropolis BBS who has revealed the following about the rumored collaboration between Centropolis and Commander Riker, er, Jonathan Frakes:  According to an old Variety magazine, "Jonathan Frakes has been tapped to direct the sci-fi lampoon film 'Steve Was Here.' Obviously hoping to cash in on a sub-genre created by Galaxy Quest, Steve tells the story of a poor town hoping to bolster its fading economy with a fake alien. Predictably, things go wrong when the town gets more than it bargained for. The screenplay is by Norman Steinberg, who co-authored the idea with Michael Hertzberg (Entrapment). Centropolis partners Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich (Godzilla, Independence Day) will exec produce. Following his stint with Steve, Frakes, who directed the Trek films First Contact and Insurrection, is scheduled to begin work on Total Recall 2."

Wuhrer 'slides' into 'Arac Attack' role December 20, 2000:
Another cast addition for the upcoming giant spider flick, "Arac Attack", was announced on Cinescape Online.   According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kari Wuhrer (from tv's "Sliders") has been signed to take on the role of the Sheriff of the small town that comes under attack from giant spiders.  Wuhrer is the second cast member to be announced after David Arquette signed on for the lead in the movie.  This one's starting to take shape...

Spider woman is cast...    

Arquette to be lead in 'Arac Attack'? December 13, 2000:
Another tidbit of information came from the Mothership website today regarding the upcoming Centropolis film, "Arac Attack":
According to an item in Daily Variety, David Arquette is in "final negotiations," as opposed to what, not-so-final-just-playing-around-negotiations, to take the lead in the upcoming comedy monster movie ARACH ATTACK.  The Centropolis Entertainment originating movie, ATTACK tells the very 1950s style monster story of toxic sludge creating... GIANT SPIDERS. The film came from a script by Jesse Alexander, who has recently been billed as penning Alex Proyas adaptation of BERSERKERS.  ATTACK is set for a late 2001 release.

Dean's father passes away December 13, 2000:
Sad news came out of the Centropolis camp today as Dean Devlin's father, Don, died at the age of 70.  To Dean and his mother go all of the thoughts and condolences of Centropolis fans everywhere.  The following is from the Mothership website:
Don Devlin, the producer of 1987's THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK, notable as one of the few times Jack Nicholson ventured into the genre, has died at the age of 70. Devlin, as you may know, was the father of Dean Devlin, the originating force behind EON Magazine and MOTHERSHIP, and writer/producer of big budget genre splashes, STARGATE, INDEPENDENCE DAY and GODZILLA. "Some people are so purely themselves that they are irreplaceable," Nicholson the AP. "That was Don in spades." Devlin has been working in the industry since the 1950s as an actor, writer and producer. In addition to WITCHES, Don Devlin produced one of my favorite movies as a kid, MY BODYGUARD, which inspired salvation fantasies of boys beaten up by schoolyard bullies for an entire generation. "He was my father, my teacher and mentor, and my closest and dearest friend in the world. His loss is enormous," said Dean Devlin to the AP. Don Devlin is survived by his son Dean, and his wife Constance Chestnut.

ID4 DVD easter eggs revealed!
November 2, 2000:
Check out the Event DVD's section for the lowdown on how to access the easter eggs on the ID4 Special Edition DVD...

'Stargate 2' rumors October 28, 2000:
Dark Horizons recently quoted a Variety magazine article which stated that MGM has announced their intention to develop a sequel to 1994's "Stargate".  I asked Suzanne at Centropolis if she knew of such plans and if Centropolis was going to be involved.  She basically said that there were no plans for a sequel, but she will keep me posted if anything pops up.  Cross your fingers!

More great pics from Jon! September 14, 2000:
Former Centropolis insider, Jon P. Mooers, has graciously supplied me with more behind-the-scenes pics from the sets of "Universal Soldier" and "Stargate".  Click on the thumbnails above for larger versions of the photos and check out below for descriptions of them in Jon's own words.  Many thanks again to Jon for the great photos!
Here are a couple other pictures of myself and Roland filming Universal Soldier.  I also have many more of Roland and film crew, from Universal Soldier - Stargate etc.  You may use them on your site, I am attatching some more.  One of myself on the cliff at the Grand Canyon pushing the model 18 wheeler off of it. (from Universal Soldier)  One of Roland and Jean
Claude Van Damme and Aly Walker on the cliff at the Grand Canyon - and Roland directing us (his crew) on the set of Stargate in the Yuma
Arizona desert. (He is telling us where to place the James Spader's suitcase after French Stewart frustatedly threw out of base camp.  The last picture is of myself and Doug Harlocker (propmaster) setting the suitcase, being careful not to get footprints around the case.

More Patriot SE DVD details
September 12, 2000:
Here are some more details concerning the October 24th DVD release of "The Patriot":
• Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
• Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
• Commentary by director Roland Emmerich, Producer Dean Devlin and Mel Gibson
• Production notes
• Theatrical trailer(s)
• Visual Effects Interactive Featurette
• Battlefield Featurette - The Art of War
• Authenticity Featurette
• Deleted Scene with Audio commentary by Director or Producer
• Conceptual Designs
• Alternate Ending
• Talent Files
• Scene Selections with Motion Images
• Widescreen anamorphic format

A word from a Centropolis insider
September 12, 2000:
Jon P. Mooers just sent me the following e-mail after visiting the website.   Jon was a close friend of Roland Emmerich during his days as an on-set special effects artist / scenic supervisor for Centropolis.  Read what he had to say and check out the cool pics of him and Roland on the set of Universal Soldier.  Many thanks to Jon for this great insider perspective:
Hey, Just wanted to let you know, how much I enjoyed your website.  Its nice
to keep up with the "guys" to see what they are up to.  I am a former roland emmerich team player.  Having worked on Universal Soldier, Stargate, Independance Day - its nice to be able to keep in touch with their next projects.  I chose to leave the centropolis gang with the onset of Godzilla.  I was an on-set special effects artist/ scenic supervisor and found the new world of digitally enhanced effects abit dissatisfying.  Almost all effects on stargate were completely created in real time, with models and hard work.  I now live on the east coast and am pursuing a career as a mural artist. (www.muralsacrossamerica.com)  Roland Emmerich was one of my best friends in Hollywood throughout the '90s and its exciting to see him grow in filmaking.  Thanks for your hard work.  Send me a note, let me know of your interest in centropolis.  Thanks, Jon P. Mooers

Rick meets Boba Fett!!! August 29, 2000:
Yours truly attended the Science Fiction Expo Convention in Toronto during this past August 25-27 weekend.  Although there was no Centropolis-related information to be found, I thought that I'd report a bit on my experience there.  Surprisingly, this was my first sci-fi convention.  Overall, it was pretty cool with lots of unique merchandise available for purchase.  It was very difficult not to buy everything in sight because my wife and I are currently having a new house built and money is tight.  But one thing that I did treat myself to was a personalized autographed photo of Boba Fett, who was played by Jeremy Bulloch.  The first photo above is a digital pic of the photo that Jeremy signed for me with a short but cool message that's definitely Fett-like.  The second pic shows Jeremy signing autographs for other people at the convention.  The third pic is of Roxanna Dawson who plays Belanna on Star Trek: Voyager while the fourth pic shows some dude decked out in an Alien costume.  For more information about what went down at the convention, check out www.hobbystar.com.

King Tut snuff film in the works
August 10, 2000:
Cinescape Online posted the following scoop for a potentially intriguing future project.  Looks like Dean and Roland aren't quite done with their fascination for Egypt:  Once again, Centropolis has snagged another property as a potential movie, though this one is not franchise fodder. According to a number of sources, the studio has snagged the rights to Bob Brier's non-fiction investigative book The Murder of Tutankhamen. Brier's book suggest that the reason King Tut died so young was not due to illness but that the boy king was actually murdered by his stepfather. Plans are for Roland Emmerich to direct the coming film, though there's no word on when it might happen.

Kevin Spacey set to star in Centropolis film August 5, 2000:
I don't know how this one slipped by me, but the following are some excerpts from the April 12th issue of "The Hollywood Reporter" that outline some details about an upcoming Centropolis project in collaboration with the ultra-cool Kevin Spacey.   Thanks to Suzanne and Maura at Centropolis for this information:
Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has come aboard to star in and produce an untitled romantic comedy for Sony-based Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich's Centropolis
Entertainment and DiNovi Pictures.  Previously titled "The Role of a Lifetime", Allison Burnett's romantic comedy spec script was acquired by Columbia Pictures more than five years ago for producer Denise DiNovi.   Burnett's script revolved around an actress who turns the tables on a director when he tries to persuade her to star in his play.  The project now centers on a legitimate stage director who is forced to cast a movie star in order to launch his play on Broadway.  The project could go before the cameras before year's end.  And while no director is yet attached, Devlin did not rule out the possibility of Spacey, Emmerich or himself taking the helm.  Spacey and Centropolis are said to have sought a project together for some time now, as the actor and Devlin go back to their high school years in LosAngeles when both were aspiring actors.  "This project is a bit of a stretch for both of us," [says Dean Devlin].  "It's a romantic comedic lead that Kevin hasn't really played before and it's a genre that (Emmerich and I) haven't produced before and we thought, let's do something out of our profile."

Devlin talks about directing 'Cellular' and other projects
July 9, 2000:
Film Force recently talked to Dean Devlin about some upcoming projects on the Centropolis agenda, including Dean's directorial debut at the helm of 'Cellular':
"It's called Cellular," Devlin explains with obvious excitement. "We're reversing hats on this one – Roland will be my producer the way I'm his producer. It was written by Larry Cohen [It's Alive], and it's about a guy whose cell phone rings and a woman says that she's being held hostage, and they're going to get her child and husband and kill all three of them. So the hero has basically until the cell phone battery runs out to find her."   In preparation for the film, Devlin is studying suspense classics. "Just two nights ago, I ran North by Northwest. Hitchcock was the genius at taking a person in a normal everyday situation and throwing them into some fantastic story. In a contemporary sense, I'm also looking at a movie like Speed, which I really admire. I want to see how exciting I can make a movie about a guy on a cell phone." The film begins shooting in July and has not been cast as of yet. "Heath [Ledger, who plays Mel Gibson's son in The Patriot] and I talk about it a lot," Devlin reveals, although no deal has been made.  Centropolis is also working with other filmmakers on various projects in development. "We're a big enough organization now that we can turn out more movies a year," says Devlin. "We have a movie with Kevin Spacey we're developing. We have one with Tony Bill. We have one with Jonathan Frakes. We're really hoping to expand how many films we do each year."

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A novel of adventure and suspense...
I'm currently writing a fiction novel and I'm looking to get some unbiased criticism from people that I don't know.  I've created a special page on my website with which to showcase my novel in hopes that some people might read it and subsequently give me their honest opinion about it.  To start off, I've posted the Prologue only and I'll consider posting subsequent chapters if people request it.  Click here to start reading "Ora".  I hope that you enjoy it...


June 15, 2000
Thoughts on Godzilla 2000

Out of curiosity, I just recently downloaded the trailer for the upcoming Toho-made movie, Godzilla 2000.  As previously mentioned in the April 20th commentary entitled 'Centropo-less Godzilla Sequel', die-hard old-school Godzilla fans will finally get their wish this August when the 23rd Godzilla movie from Toho is unleashed in North American theaters.  My original thoughts that this movie will be a laughable failure in North America (despite being an apparent hit in Japan) were confirmed upon seeing the recent trailer.  It's just pathetic that, in this day and age, any movie studio expects second-rate special effects to translate into big-time box-office money.  The success of any Godzilla movie is heavily dependent upon the quality of the special effects.  For some reason, Toho is either unable to or unwilling to fork out the big bucks to put together a quality effects movie.  Instead, as is evident in the Godzilla 2000 trailer, we are expected to be amazed by the dazzling realism of a guy in a rubber suit stomping on poorly detailed and scaled models.  And to those who criticize Devlin & Emmerich for copying the ideas of others, I could only laugh at the irony of the Godzilla 2000 trailer shots of the rolling swell of water and the frightened people as everything shakes as Godzilla approaches.  It seems as though the shoe is now on the other foot.  Let's be realistic here.  These effects were considered top of the line back in the 60's and 70's.  But it's just downright insulting to an avid moviegoer like myself to be expected to accept such outdated crap with technology being as advanced as it is today.   To all of those who wanted to see a guy in a rubber suit:  you'd better go and see this movie as soon as it comes out, because it won't last in theaters for very long at all.


April 29, 2000
ID4 Sequel: To Do Or Not To Do?

I just recently received an e-mail from a rabid ID4 fan going by the name of Eagle Leader.  You can read his comments in full in the Guestbook section by the way.  Among some of the great points that he brought up was the question of whether a sequel to one of the most spectacular sci-fi epics in film history should be made or not.  As I briefly touched upon in my response in the Guestbook section, I'm somewhat torn by this issue.  I salivate at the thought of seeing this great movie continue on the silver screen.  However, I, like Eagle Leader, have some trepidation where this issue is concerned.  History has given us some absolute disasters for movie sequels.  In many of these instances, no sequels should have been made in the first place.  On the other hand, history has also given us some wonderful sequels such as "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Aliens".  So what should Centropolis do?  To do, or not to do?   One thing that is encouraging amidst all of the rumors of an ID4 sequel is that nothing short of a spectacular sequel will ever be made.  Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich have repeatedly stated that they absolutely will not make a sequel to their crown jewel unless they have an "original...knock-out idea".  So we're safe with the knowledge that if a sequel to ID4 does eventually get made that it will be just as special as the original.


April 20, 2000
John Williams' Patriot Score

Back in February, Centropolis proudly announced that they had signed on John Williams to score the music for their upcoming summer blockbuster "The Patriot" starring Mel Gibson.  Being a big fan of John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, E.T. and more) I was very excited to hear this news.  Coming off of the critical disaster that was Godzilla, one had to wonder how Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich were going to redeem themselves.  Well, the first step had been taken by putting together a talented cast to do a respectable movie written by a talented writer (Robert Rodat of Saving Private Ryan fame).  This alone was good enough to gain instant respectability.  But, they didn't stop there.  Give credit to the dynamic duo for taking that extra step and hiring a world-class composer to score their movie.  This seemingly insignificant move could be what propels The Patriot towards blockbuster status.  I've always been a fan of movie music, especially John Williams.  I firmly believe that a good movie can be turned into a crappy movie if the music is poor.  Likewise, a good movie can be turned into a spectacular movie with brilliant music that adds drama and intensity at the critical moments.  I still get goosebumps every time I watch the scene in Star Wars: Episode I where the doors part to reveal Darth Maul and the rousing music of Williams' Duel Of The Fates starts up.  Despite this great move by Centropolis, there is actually someone who loses out -- David Arnold.  For those who don't recognize the name, I have praised the energetic work of David several times on this website.  He is the composer who spiced up Stargate, ID4 and Godzilla with ambitious zeal.  Rumors persist that there has been no falling out between David and Centropolis due to the hiring of John Williams over him, and let's hope that this is one rumor that is true.  I for one am looking forward to the next movie that contains David Arnold's music.  But until then, movie fans are in for a treat this summer when they get to hear another "patriotic" and triumphant score from the master himself.  Nothing adds excitement and class to a film more than a score by John Williams.



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