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This is the home page for the HIGH STAKES INVESTMENT CLUB. We are an investment club located in Northern New Jersey. Our club is based on NAIC principles. Our goals are:


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The High Stakes Investment Club was recently on the front page of the Star Ledger!

Investment club holds on tight for bumpy ride

Star Ledger Article

The following is a message from Brian Altschul
President of the High Stakes Investment Club:


I get a couple of e-mails a month about joining the High Stakes Investment Club. When I do, I send out the following response.

Hello. Our club follows NAIC [National Association of Investment Corporation] principles. You can check them out at http://www.better-investing.org/. I recommend you check out their web site thoroughly. NAIC has three basic principles:

  1. Invest regularly. Period.
  2. Reinvest dividends and capital gains.
  3. Discover and OWN leadership growth companies.
NAIC uses tools to help analyze companies. Their main tool is called a Stock Selection Guide (SSG). It's a tool that gives some idea if the company you are examining is a good long-term buy. NAIC believes in buying and holding. This is not day trading or betting in any way. When you buy a stock, it's because you believe that you can hold on to it for five years or more. NAIC doesn't pretend that every investment choice is a success and has developed the "Rule of Five." The Rule of Five says that out of 5 stocks you buy, 3 will do approximately as you expected, 1 will do much better and 1 will do much worse. The goal is to find a company whose stock price will double in 5 years, or 15% annually. This is not get rich quick, but it is get comfortable, send your kids to college, have some additional income, and maybe even get rich, but it'll take a long time.

If you are still interested after this and exploring NAIC, I recommend joining NAIC and taking the SSG class. Classes are held in many areas and are listed on the website. If you don't want to join NAIC, you can still check out most classes by paying a little more. There is also an introduction class called "Demystifying the Stock Market the NAIC Way" which would give you more in depth of what I'm describing here.

The club of which I am a member does currently have an opening. We are not actively trying to fill it, but we would if we found an interested and motivated person. We meet in the North Eastern New Jersey area. One of the requirements to join our club is to take the SSG class.

If you are still interested in our club, please contact me at: brianalt@geocities.com. If you are interested in just learning more about our club, NAIC, or NAIC classes, please feel free to contact me on those subjects.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck in your investing endeavors.

Brian Altschul
High Stakes Investment Club

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Here is our portfolio.   Visit the NAIC web page.

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Invacare Corporation   ADC Telecommunications, Inc.


  ADC Telecomm
Technitrol, Inc.   Varco International, Inc.


Lucent Technologies   Dollar General
Lucent   Dollar General

Carlisle Companies, Inc.


Compaq Computer Corp.





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