Welcome To My Shrine to Grover
My favorite, lovable, furry, blue monster!

Flying Super Grover

This is my humble tribute to the greatest muppet in the universe. Who, besides Grover, could teach us the difference between near and far, be a superhero, reign as king of the disco, and be so darn cute in the process. Grover is one of the most under rated muppets on Sesame Street. This is my homage to him.

Blue Line

Please Help!
Blue DotI am looking for Grover socks. I collect both socks and Grover toys. My collections will never be considered complete until the two are connected. I also collect keychains, but I have several Grover keychains.

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Where To Go, What To Do!
Blue Dotpicts:well over 100 pictures of Grover!

Blue Dotsounds: my collection of Grover sounds, almost 50 of them.

Blue Dotlinks: links to other Grover/Sesame Street sites.

Blue Dotwebring: join the first Grover webring.

Blue Dotscripts: scripts of Grover sketches.

Blue Dotalt.immortal.super-grover: Join a Grover discussion at the Grover newsgroup.

Blue Dotother webrings: see the other webrings I belong to.

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Coming Soon Coming Soon!Coming Soon

Blue DotAfter Christmas I plan on having pictures of my Grover collection scanned and up on this site.

Blue DotMore Grover pictures.

Blue DotHopefully more scripts of Grover sketches.

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Disco Grover

John Travolta never looked this cute!

Blue Twiddle Bug

Mailman GroverSend Me Mail

Grover fans have been here.

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