Subminiature Photography
What follows is just a sample of what I do with my subminiature cameras. Nothing great as you will see, but it keeps me busy and entertained. I just love these little optomechanical contraptions. I will try to give any relevant information about the pictures when I remember. Don't expect much because I have a really bad memory. Some times I will be able to remember the place and the camera. Other times even the kind of film, but I doubt I remember exposure times and apertures, except in very few of them.
The pictures that follow have been taken with any of the following cameras:
Minolta 16 MG B/W picures
Minolta 16 MG color pictures
Minolta 16 II Some B/W and some in color from a trip to Multnomah falls.
Minolta 16 II Some pictures in color from a trip to Astoria.
Minolta 16 P           New!
Minolta 16 QT        New!
Pentax Auto 110
Olympus PEN. Some pictures of a trip to the Oregon State Fair 2000 in Salem. Also a set of pictures with some animals we saw there. Basically, the horse draft contest and some milk goat contest. They were fun.
All B/W negs developed by me. All prints by a 1 hr commercial lab. I have also got plenty of pictures taken with Minox IIIs, B & C, but I only have the negatives and haven't been able to get prints out of them yet. Believe me, as soon as I can get prints I will try to post them here.
For the cameras without light meter, I used the sunny 16 rule to the best of my ability.

I also want to thank all those who helped me with subminiature photography and my dumb questions.
Enjoy if you can.
wirte to
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