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The Aurora12 is a creative writing club/RPG for young Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors. For nearly 4 years, stories revolved around a space-academy ship with humans and aliens from all over the galaxy. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and interest drifting for the majority of members over the past year or so, we have not been active for some time. However, there's no reason to destroy what we created and therefore this page remains and will so for... er, however long we can manage it =)

If anyone has interest in rekindling the creativity ((same or based on other fandoms)), or if you're a member/former member, the few of us still around would love to hear from you =) Don't heasitate to contact either Von ((rachejordan@yahoo.com)), Sarah ((qamra@aol.com)), or Katie ((willowannelyra@aol.com)), even if it's just for reminiscing's sake. For Von is a coward and isn't up to contacting people through the yahoogroup even though she refuses to delete that as well.

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