Wow, this is... bunk.
Anyway, my name is Thomas. Don't ask why it's "Timmy", long story.
To begin with, I like implementing virtual machines. I don't tend to make them for machines that really exist, as usually those are ugly. Have you looked at the GDT entry format? So I invent my own specs and write VMs for them.

I started out, however, writing interpreters for brainfuck, the language. This file is a collection of things about brainfuck, including several interpreters, a bytecode compiler and interpreter, and two programs I wrote. I don't tend to write alot of programs in brainfuck, as I am not a very good programmer in the language.
FBF2 is another brainfuck interpreter. It is hoped to be fast.
I modified Erik Bosman's bf interpreter for better memory use.

New: online brainfuck interpreter.

I wrote an integer sequence program for this site.

Through various learning experiences, I learned the value of stack machines and their ease of programming, in assembly. This made me decide to write a Befunge interpreter. It also includes a wrapper program to turn Befunge source into an executable through C. Both implement Befunge-93 with the exception that the interpreter allows a code space of 256x256. I have never written anything in Befunge. I wrote a program to translate to/from Al Bhed (from Final Fantasy X).

Some other things warranted their own pages: The script interpreter for Radical Dreamers and it's descendants, DUMBASIC in all of it's incarnations, and finally other computer and VM stuff.

I just wrote an interpreter for my own esoteric language, brains. It has its own page, describing how it differs from brainfuck, and some of the other languages that influenced it. Enjoy.

I wrote a decimal calculator in C++ for a programming class. It has its own page here, I call it Slowcalc. I also wrote a BigInt class and a calculator that uses it. They're one the calculator page. So, I moved the Integer program to its own repository. There is also a newish version of DUMBBASIC included with it: a DUMBBASIC that only uses BigInts.

Other interpreters on this page include a Self-Modifying brainfuck interpreter, and an interpreter for a language I call FEN. FEN includes both the original recursive version, and a new, possibly broken, iterative version that works by building its own stack.

For now, the final things on this main page will be the short story I wrote, zmap, and the game made from/with it.

Finally finally, I rewrote GNU bc to use GMP and the page is here. Oh, and here is a java Globe Applet that I wrote.
As Java applets now all need to be signed, here is a similar program that uses only Javascript. [Warning, the HTML file is almost one megabyte in size, and the Javascript does some CPU intensive things on startup.]

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