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The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies here.

I do buy OTR on MP3 disks (and a few on cassettes) but I limit my purchases to certain dealers, because I have found a wide variety of "product". My problem with MP3 dealers in general is a problem we used to have with tape dealers back in the olden days. Many shows will be listed on MP3 disks under different titles. I have received disks from some dealers with the same group of shows on a disk as many as three times, just under different titles or dates. Sometimes you can look at the file size and see it is the same file just renamed. This only makes the dealers catalog look like they have more of a given series. Obviously, they did not check the disk when they mastered it. It's just more product.

Sometimes I wish someone would set up a fan site, where fans can trade good disks among themselves.
Paul Urbahns
(Old Time radio Digest, Subject: Wrong Titles on shows, Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005indeindex

This all started as part of a class that I was taking while achieving my Master. I was very surprised to find a lot of sources, and people willing to help me get started. I have been able in a short time to collect over 200 CD-rom’s with about 24,000 MP3 shows.

Tar's World would like to Thank “Doc” Nettles who without his assistance I would not have this collection.

All radio shows on this web page are believed to be in Public Domain

Here is a list of show that I am actively looking to add to my collection collect:

  • Agatha Christie
  • Alien Voices
  • Black Castlee
  • Black Chapel
  • Capt Starr of Space
  • CBS Radio Workshop
  • Closed Planet
  • Dark Venture
  • Any Mystery Shows
  • Any Sci Fi Shows
  • Any Historial Speeches
  • Any Historial News

If you would like to get or trade shows please Email me: