2/15/2006 - Star Wars Infinites "Wraiths of the Dark Side

I was starting to really dread going back to my Star Wars campaign. It didn't seem like I could do anything fresh. THEN it happened. After I read a comic book "Star Wars Infinites" I got a new take on how I could really think of some truly amazing things....and it started out with one simple line, "What would have happened if Obi Wan had died by Darth Maul instead of Qui Gon really would that change? Well a lot my friend..not in some ways but definately others...So For Lee and Waylon's Campaign I'm going to spur the universe ahead in a not so familiar way. As for Tayru, Damaya, and Mazer..they are in a more classic campaign...but I think I have a new idea as well I can bring into light as well on that campaign. So when next we play be ready for some revelations and find yourself a long time a galaxy far far away.

1/4/2006 - The Shadow of the Dark Side Returns

Okay so it's been awhile since my last web page update. Well, I'm updating now. I updated the About Us page to include Waylon and Lee back into the group...I don't know if I'm missing anyone on that page so if anyone sees a mistake or would like to change their contact info let me know. Well, it's no secret now. With the God War out of the way and my conclusion to the Twilight Realm for now, we are returning back to the setting I love the best. Star Wars. Using the characters from my Lure of the Dark Side Campaign (Damiya, Mazer, and Tayru) we are going to be running two groups on the same night...and as an experiment they will be tied Well I'm not going to let that cat out of the bag yet. The Dark Side of the Force Grows stronger....Let the Shadow Fall like a blanket across the Galaxy.

2/28/2005 - Ebberon Here we come!

I've talked to almost everyone this week and everyone is just psyched about playing some ol Dungeon's and you know though we don't use the Greyhawk crap that's the "standard" D&D world. We have been progressing on the Ebberon setting and the new adventure in the published adventures look now we are playing in the Grasp of the Emerald Claw. I have a lot of faith in Nate's ability to GM this one this is going to be a blast. We might even have a guest player from my old group as this might rock. Well at any rate I just couldn't wait till tomorrow to post a message so there it was. Until we meet again

2/24/2005 - Yes, The Force is Strong in You

After watching Star Wars Revenge of the Sith for the 5th time and FINALLY finishing off my Lure of the Dark Side Campaign I'm left with just a little touch of emptiness. See for me I don't think I would've been the Game Master I am or just the person I am without the early Star Wars influence I've grown up with. I know I've bashed George Lucas for the first two of the new Star Wars movies...but he really knows how to tell a story and I think most of my game making has been by taking a look at his movies...and the pacing he uses. The small down times where they get a breather, the heated battles, the betrayals, the love stories. My players said they enjoyed the campaign and I hope when they look back on it that they see it as a full story instead of the small adventures. From that very first battle and infiltration on Tabnabir IV where they saw Dooku initiate plans with Ansem Stratus and his small rebellion against the Republic only to see later that serving the Republic isn't as glorius when you leave behind fallen masters, friends, and the people you had to protect, to their turning from the Republic and followed their own road leading up to their falls to the dark side and a gigantic "Halo Inspired: Flood" battle. To their return to the republic and the betrayl that returned Damaya and Tayru back on the path of Redemption. To the hidden dangers on Kamino with the cloning of jedi...and not just any jedi but the clone DNA of one Anakin Skywalker, resulting in an abomination of the Force. And Finally their reinforcing the space battle above Courscant when Chancelor Palpatine was their return to Tabnabir IV to come full circle on Ansem Stratus and the destruction of the Droid Garrison there....only to be turned on by their own clone troopers and escape by a hair. With the truth realized that the Republic they served has become the Empire they will run from we bid goodbye to Damaya, Tayru, Mazer, Bral, and Sleigh. At least for now they, like the movie, are the last piece of the puzzle for me that I've sought for years. To have a campaign during the Clone Wars was something I wanted to do since High School. Now my Star Wars RPG dreams have been fullfilled and I have to thank myself, my group of excellent friends and players, and George Lucas for the inspiration to see it through. NOW...with all that said as agreed I've taking off my GM gloves for awhile to turn the attention on the next campaign. Nathan Rose's Grasp of the Emerald Claw! It'll be nice to see the game from the other side for awhile. I think I'll go work on my characters background and concept a little more before the next campaign to really give it my all. Again before I go I want to send my personal thanks out to Nathan Rose, John Emmerson, Kassie Spake, and Daniel Stire. You guys are the best!

5/5/2005 - Ghosts on Kamino

I think of all the games we play that I've always enjoyed our Star Wars games the best. Maybe it's because of my strong love of the universe I grew up in. Whatever the case I'll always say that when someone asks, "Who is your favorite villain of all time?" My answer has always remained the same. "Darth Vader" So it's been my honor making this Lure of the Dark Side Campaign tied around the events of the new movie. In the end this adventure will be every part heroic. I mean look at our group. At the start of this campaign I tell them they are going to be playing Dark Jedi....which in other groups it would've worked goofy and they would have taken advantage of their powers and stuff. My group fell to the Lure of the Dark Side. There was a Hunger for Power and Betrayal from those that we trusted. Now with the Dark Side still clinging to us will we be able to break it's influence and follow the will of the Force? As war breaks on all sides of the Republic, the Dark Side wraps his cold claws around the water world of Kamino.

4/26/2005 - Same Day Different Game

John's last adventure kept everyone on their toes. We fought and roleplayed a nice mix and in the wasn't enough and the world as we knew it was changed. Ironically enough it was the Cleric that I gave up hope on that saved us in the end. I've got the characters I need to update for our next game session. I want to take this time to thank John Emmerson for his visionary approach to D&D and apologize of some of us made it harder for him his first time out for the group than he would have liked. On a different note. Next week the viel of Shadow will fall and the Dark Side shall rein supreme. May the Force Be With Us All....

4/26/2005 - ENTER THE SAMURAI!

Last week brought about some revalations. I promise I won't get too hateful John...hey I like your campaign! So anyway, Nathan had a chance to stop down last week for the game and pulled off a samurai character pretty well. I mean...for a tribal samurai....hehehe. So anyway the adventure, if I remember correctly, lasted about 2 hours tops and we were really giving John a hard time and he STOPPED THE GAME. POINT BLANK! You know, thinking back there were quite a few times when I just stopped a game back in the day with Brian Miller. I remember stopping Waylon's Shadowrun Campaign he worked so hard on. So I've come to the conclusion....I think I've been Game Mastering for so long...I don't know how to just play. Of course I think it might have something to do with my players finally feeling the almighty power of the Game Master and laying some much needed pent up vengence on me for what I do to them. So tonight I believe I'll try to do a little better...but then there are rumors that this will be John's last adventure for his campaign so that means if I can get a little time at the end I'm going to try to update what's needed and start the new Star Wars campaign next week. MAY 3, only 16 days before the Revenge of the Sith Movie comes to a theater near you! Well this is my new news for the week. Commander Eric Bell, Out!

4/13/2005 - The Adventure on Crack

Okay it starts out like this. A cleric after a battle finds a couple of rings...and like Frodo before him puts the rings on and phased to a floating hell demension, falling to a shark infested sea with wings growing out of his back that are too small for him to fly with....Flying Sound: "FOOOOPA, FOOOPA", another phase brought him to heaven...well..what he thought was heaven before he found himself in a red dragon lair with the halfling he wasn't to fond of...and the last flash too him to his buddy dwarf....and another this point the ring had him so demon looking that a helpful other character shot him with a critical in the eye socket. So pretty much....a lot a short amount of time and at the end of the adventure everyone was looking at one another with a, "What the F...?" look on their face. Hey, I had was different. Maybe that's what you need every once and adventure away from your standard adventures. Work is still being done...the finishing touches of the Star Wars Lure of the Dark Side Campaign are almost complete. Soon the shadow will fall...

4/6/2005 - The Faces of Evil

John's campaign continued on as we were attack by perils at sea and on land and for some of ourselves. Damn diseased bar wenches! We made a little more head way in our quest to save the world. I'm looking forward to next week's game. On the Star Wars front Daniel, Kassie, and I have put animated gifs of our Star Wars Lure of the Dark Side characters. They look incredible! For mine, I thought of the scene in Phantom Menace where the elevator doors open up and there stands Darth Maul. So I tried to give the same impression of my guy. Thanks go to Kassie for finding the programs and coming up with the idea in the first place. AWESOME work. Who knows...maybe something cool will find it's way to her sometime soon. Again, all this is gearing up to our Gigantic Conclusion to our Star Wars: Lure of the Dark Side Campaign. For those that remember the Apocalypse Stone Campaign..and you'll see just how much work I'm putting into this next one. The way it's going to be ran...I think it just may tie up right around the final Star Wars movie in May...tell me that won't be fantastic. Well, thanks everyone. Commander Out!

4/5/2005 - The Revenge of the Sith

Okay aside from our usual roleplaying business you could probably guess that I'm an avid Star Wars fan. Even so much that my own friends will stick up for me when I'm persecuted for wearing the coolest gift they could have given me. Thanks Nathan, Toby, and Brandy for standing right behind me. Nate you are a valliant warrior my friend. Anyway, I just finished Lego Star Wars and the Revenge of the Sith book. My god, Matthew Stover, you are the greatest writer of our century. I'll even place you above Terry Brooks which is my second favorite author now. lol Guys if you haven't read the New Jedi Order Books you don't really need to...just go pick up Traitor now. That's what got me hooked on this guys writing approach. THEN...go buy this Revenge of the Sith book....don't even ask why? or just watch the movie and think it'll do. It won't. This guy is awesome. Frankly, I'm just going to say this: If you don't like this next Star Wars movie you are a total waste of human life. THERE IS NO FREAKIN' WAY IT'LL LET YOU DOWN! I'm not going to ruin the movie experience for you with any spoilers so just read the book or WAIT ALL THE WAY TILL MAY for it to be released....personally I wasn't going to let that happen. As I watch the 4th, 5th, and 6th movies again I'm watching it with a whole new look. Man is this next Lure of the Dark Side Campaign going to rock! Alright my friends, May the Force Be With You

3/31/2005 - Nina, Penta, and the Santa Maria

John set out with a FIERCE determination this week. First! Eliminating character ideas that didn't fit so well into his campaign (but would in one of my own). His adventure was heavy in story to set up his idea on how the world ran and you could immediately tell how much detail he's planned. So when everyone's new characters were made we were set out from town and on our quest. Just a taste of adventure is what followed and you can see danger looming on the horizon. I thought it was alright for his first time out and the Knights of Dragon's Flame is proud to have him. Thanks John. Good Game! If you are reading this and you have a group yourself share your first GameMaster or Player Experience at and I'll post it. Take Care and keep posted when the new Star Wars Campaign for Lure of the Darkside is up in about two weeks. Until we Meet Again

3/26/2005 - Evolution and the Wheel of Change

My Star Wars "Lure of the Dark Side" Campaign is drawing to a close. With only two more story arcs to go we have already seen light turn to darkness, the hunger of the darkside, and, for some, the ultimate gain of power. So far they have faced struggles that would have killed those weaker. I'll be updating the characters on the web page to show these changes. Next week I will be taking a small break from GMing in order to finish up the Star Wars campaign, Mazer's Story, and the next two story arcs. I might take a couple of weeks off to finalize everything. So next week I believe John Paul Emmerson is going to Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons...and maybe Daniel Stire following that. So we'll see how that goes! Until We Meet Again!

2/25/2005 - The Hunger for Power Strikes and Evil Consumes Itself

I couldn't tell you how much I enjoyed last weeks game session. First and formost I saw a spark of ultimate evil from the person I expected it from least. A a REAL TRUE TO LIFE FALL TO THE DARKSIDE!!!! I Loved every second of it. Picture this if you will for a second. Your characters want a Dark Side Campaign...where everyone wants to wield this ultimate Dark Side the problem...could it be that there isn't enough power to be spread around like that with 5 Dark Siders? So The overwhelming power of the Dark Side (me) devises a plan...elimination. Who ever hunts down and kills another member of the group gets a dark side point, a force point, and an instant level up! As you can imagine they are all planning each others deaths...and at the same time hoping no one is going after them...Deception, Paranoia, Frustration....and even the offer of a Peace Treaty was the name of the night. I LOVED IT! IT WAS THE FUNNIEST GAME EVER! Not only did one person die....they made it easy for one of them, I would even say...not the most powerful of them from a power gamer stand point....took them out. One lived...but then killed himself in the next round when a grenade mishapped in his hands. lol THAT WAS FUNNY! So next game we got two new character concepts. Cool Idea for a Character Nate by the way! And an even more powerful Dark Force Witch....So we'll soon see once they are all reunited if she will grow even more powerful...or share the power of the Dark Side.

2/11/2005 - STRIKE ME DOWN with all of your HATRED and your journey to the DARK SIDE SHALL BE COMPLETE!

There are times when gamemastering a campaign really gets me excited. Our Star Wars "Lure of the Dark Side" campaign is going extremely well. I think everyone is doing a hell of a job roleplaying their characters thus far. Please remember that if you would like to see something else done or you want something in particular to happen to help "breathe more life into your character" let me know. Besides I want the adventure to be entertaining to everyone. I know this switching off back and forth can really force some of you to go, "Damn..." but you should try to look at it from a Star Wars perspective. When Luke was off getting trained by Yoda his friends were having adventures of their own in cloud city....C-3PO goes it alone and gets blown to hell, Han is tortured and eventually frozen in carbinite, and Lando is dealing with Darth Vader. So I'm trying to do the same by giving you all reasons why you are separated....or planning the death of someone else's character...By the end of this next segment there will be reasons for you to hate some other character. There will be conflict....there will be wound damage...and someone may die....I'll just tell you now...even to raise the insentive that much more and feel the pull of the Dark Side....if you kill someone elses character in the coming conflict...not only will I award you a Force Point (the Dark Side's little way of showing you your loyalty is rewarded), I'll also award you another level....BWAH HA HA HA! May The Hunt Begin!

2/11/2005 - Ebberon and The Lure of the Darkside

Since my last post there have been numerous changes within the Knights of Dragons Flame. Some good, some bad...but all in all positive. My Champions of Twilight Campaign is on a permament holding pattern. Since we lost two key players to that players will be hardpressed to make 15th level characters that are believeable and fun to play....if that will even happen. BUT...on a brighter note we've inducted a few new players into our ranks. One is one of my own players from way back (Welcome Back Kassie!), one is my new found amigo...Daniel Stire, and we are currently training two more. John Paul Emmerson and Toby Nicholson. So we'll see how those guys do in the coming months. We've started up an Ebberon Campaign and for those of you that haven't bought it's a great campaign setting that's fresh enough to tear you away from the D&D norm. Currently we are on the third published adventure for it. Grasp of the Emerald's Claw...if it ever comes to our area. TILL then I've been doing a Star Wars Game set during the time shorly after the Attack of the Clones. After hearing of my groups insistance to play a Dark Side Campaign I've agreed (since I now believe I have the ability to do evil or Dark side adventures that are believeable thanks to my help and own dark side campaign with Waylon...thanks bud for all your help and input back then.) The campaign is really just starting and I think everyone needed a break from D&D. So we are anxiously awaiting Grasp of the Emerald Claw...but I think everyone is satisfied with Star Wars for the time being. Oh, Waylon has updated his page and since an official Knights of Dragon's Flame co-site feel free to look at it along with the other sites on our Web Ring. Until we Meet Again my Friends....

8/6/2004 - The Shift in Power

It's been a couple of months since my last update. So just to keep us all up to date. We have put our Champions on Twilight campaign on hold for awhile till I can work on a suitable ending for my campaign. It was awesome while it lasted and we went from level 1 - 15 in a rush. I will be the first one to admit I hate slow advancement. I usually will advance PC's after each adventure...but as they all can tell you it's well worth it. My adventures tend to not be hack-n-slash but the battles the group has MORE than makes up for it. So the battles are harsh...and the line of dead and ressureccted PC's long. But hey...that happens. Last time I wrote I had about 100 miniatures from the various sets....but now me and my fellow GM Nate took stock and we have something like over if we don't have a's because it's ungodly rare and hard to find...or they haven't made it yet. Now I hear they are making Star Wars minis....damn Wizards...they know just how to blow my whole paycheck at times. lol Oh can you pass up Star Wars minis? Melissa has rejoined the group. Welcome back SIS! You were missed. Waylon should be making his way back to our group soon...maybe in the next 2 or 5 years. lol Well amigo, you know you are missed. I just wish you were here for the adventures we have...they are incredible these days. Which brings you pretty much up to date on group happenings. We have began a fresh new Ebberon campaign...and we are (for now) only using the published adventures. I'm not a big fan on published adventures...but they are decent. I DMed the initial one in the book...and Nate is DMing the one out now...Shadows of the Last War. I haven't played as a player for such a long time...but I love it. It's a nice break and he's doing a damn decent job as a DM. So far the plan is for me to do the next one. Well, Until we Meet Again my Friends....

4/9/2004 - The New Group!!!

Well, The Knight's finally recruited some new and old faces to join in our games. So let me be the first to introduce the new group. Nate, Mandy, and Paul, welcome to the Knights of Dragon's Flame! For FYI purposes, we've gamed probably around 5 times? and everyone seems to be adapting to 3.5 rules really well. I'm very proud because the roleplaying isn't that bad. Hey, even I'm a little rusty because I haven't gamed for so long. But we're getting the swing of things. I've collected over 100 miniatures from the various sets (Harbinger, Dragon's Eye, and Fiends). The Twilight Realm started back with a bang..and I'll get more into the story at a later time. For now though it's like 5:35AM and I'm settling in for the night.

2/23/2004 - The Twilight Project

Well, this is the first time I've updated since the start of the new year. Let's face it group...last year was a wasted year for us. I will say this gave me time to think and ponder and being the very wise 20 Wisdom Game Master I am now ready to share my thoughts with the rest of you. The Twilight Realm more or less has suffered as a whole since 3rd Edition came out. The characters were great...adventures were too...but the locations and geography seems so outdated. So recently I've started revamping the whole thing from the ground up. Using the Forgotten Realms and DragonLance Campaign Setting books as a template I'm going to create The Twilight Realms Players Handbook. With Regional Feats and the like. Since it's just me it might take awhile but I hope to get it done by the end of 2004. I'm even going to include graphics and such like I did when I did the Player Tribute for Zisudu (birthday gift for Brian Miller). So to start things off I updated my old character to 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons standards and put him on the campaign page. Expect to see more in the coming months there. Until we Meet Again.

10/30/2003 - The Shipment

Lately I have been buying items from because they seem on the older D&D and Star Wars books to have a more affordable price. So the other day to assist my Star Wars Campaign I bought the Power of the Jedi book, along with the comic book series Tales of the Jedi. They are missing the two books I really want to read though. The Freedon Nadd Uprising and The Sith I mean I know what transpired and all..but I just really want to read those books. This week I also picked up a couple of things for D&D. The Book of Exaulted Deeds. which is the companion book to counteract the Book of Vile Darkness (which I don't have). After taking it home I had time to actually flip through and read it...and it's okay..but not too impressive. So I rate it the average 3 out of 5. Don't get me wrong....If I was running paladins and clerics campaign it'd be great...but it seems like I've never gotten players that wanted to be a cleric or paladin. Also I picked up the entry pack of D&D prepainted Miniatures. They are all randomized so my box's contents should be different from others. I got the following:

  1. Ember (okay)
  2. Human Commoner (suck!)
  3. Man-at-Arms (yeah!)
  4. Crested Felldrake (yeah!)
  5. Human Wanderer (GREAT!)
  6. Wood Elf Skirmisher (GREAT!)
  7. Lizardfolk (yeah!)
  8. Wolf (yeah!)
  9. Half Orc Fighter (okay)
  10. Hell Hound (okay)
  11. Human Thug (okay)
  12. kobold warrior (okay)
  13. zombie (yeah!)
  14. ghoul (yeah!)
  15. Large Fire Elemental (GREAT!)
  16. orc spear fighter (okay)

so all in all I'm pretty happy with what was in my box. I wouldn't mind them being randomized...but I wish they were divided into groups say if I wanted to buy the undead group...or the monster group....or NPC group or something you know? As it is now they are divided like Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon cards in a set. This beginning set is part of the Harbinger set and has a total of 80 minis. and you have to just buy either another starter set or the little Expansion or booster packs of minis to complete. I'm not too big on that whole deal. I mean what if I wanted to specifically run my players against a host of undead (which is pretty often) I'm going to run my risk of buying 5 or 6 expansions just to get another opposed to just buying a couple of undead booster packs. Get my meaning. It does have an extensive rulebook as well as tiles and some other nifty pieces that come boxed up with it. It's worth the money you pay if you like minis you don't have to mess with. No painting no hassle...which is what Wizards are banking on because this looks like they took the minis they were producing before (forget the name) and reworked the rules and such. and Waylon's minis were the best I have seen thus far. And our Paladins never have found an equal. Until We Meet Again

10/19/2003 - Rebirth

In the last couple of months I have read over the Revised Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 books and I got to say I was pretty impressed. At first I was one of the people that said it'd be a big waste of money and Wizards of the Coast were cashing in on it's players doing a quasi-George Lucas thing. They are great though. Star Wars is back into full swing...and after I played the XBox Knights of the Old Republic I was inspired to go back to my roots and play something set 4000 years before the movies. I did this one other time and it was great...didn't get very far but it was great...that was back when it was a d6 system though. So I'm going back to what I'm good at. The players will have their choice of falling to the darkside or staying on the light..either way will have it's advantages and drawbacks. It's going to be great. The first game, while small, had a lot of this next one is going to be far longer and more action packed. Let's see what else. Oh, my new group members are Shawn Lane and Mike Phillips. I hope they stick around. It's hard finding new players. Now on to my Rant for the month. I did a little updating today. Changed the background of the About us Page because someone told me that it was too pink. lol So there you go...also I changed a couple of useless rules we no longer use on one of the pages and I think I'm going to redesign the character pages as well. It's taking me too long to write stories for them. It's not that I'm lazy...but I really want to capture the spirit of the characters in the stories and I think I can't do that perfectly. But I still want to post their stats so I'll get on that after Halloween. Until we meet again.

6/19/2003 - Inner Conflict

In recent events I've decided to halt the games till the revised Dungeons & Dragons material comes out. This will allow me the proper time to deal with some personal issues, redesign this site, and the time to find suitable players and revise the Twilight Realm to my liking. When we are ready to play it will now have a fully fleshed out areas, regional feats (similar in scope to the Forgotten Realms), regional prestige classes, etc. It's going to take time though so be patient. Still there are other things to play instead of D&D so if a couple of people are out there and are interested then drop me an email and when I get enough players together we'll start up.

4/21/2003 - Viewed from the Eyes of the Beholder

Lately we've had a lot of response from this web site. Why? I have no idea considering it's been up for nearly 3 years but I'm not going to question fate. I've spoke to a number of players lately about joining us. Well, I won't lie to you...we NEED good reliable players. Some info about us is scattered throughout this site. Other details I'll include for you now. We play in Shinnston currently, but that might change by June. So if the majority of the group is in Fairmont, we might play there....if it's in Bridgeport...we might play there. Or we might just rotate if the group is scattered here and there. I'm very flexible and I'll drive 30 minutes to play an awesome game with people I like to hang with. So whatever the rest of the group would like to see done I'll go along with for now. We play once a week...usually during the weekdays. I know that kinda sucks for those of you that have school or a job or something but we are willing to play earlier in the day say around 5 or 6 till about midnight. It really depends on what type of gamer you are...and what you'd like to see done in the group. I usually meet with the people before we play that way I can get a feel for what they like and make sure they aren't completely insane. Well, I'll be making a number of updates for this site. I'm going to link up some of Waylon's site to my character pages. Maybe some other things. For anyone interested on playing you can email me at or and I have messengers for both if you want to IM me. You'll get a speedy response any way you go about it.

2/10/2003 - Echoes from the Past

So a Ninja, a Rigger, and a Troll walk into a bar...sound like the beginnings of a bad joke? Well, except for the bar part it's all very true. FORTUNATLY I had blocked this memory out of my mind for the very reason that it is the very essence of Shadowrun. UNFORTUNATLY though I had forgotten a close friend that had played in this game till he had brought it to my attention. So Mr. Marsh was added to my About Us page. There's your honorable mention my friend. Also a formal invitation to play was maybe we'll be seeing Chris around soon! Personal thoughts for the day: Our next adventure will be Dragonstar! I'm kinda borrowing an idea from the movie Return of the Living Dead pt 3 so just as a heads expecting trouble from beyond the grave. Some assembly required.

2/8/2003 - Knighting Ceremony!

So many things to say and I hardly know where to start. Well the Epic Level Adventure went that marked the end of my early rpg beginnings as I have closed the Twilight Realm's borders till I can revamp the whole setting to my liking. This month marked much hardship upon the King of Darkfall...but shall only get better with time I'd imagine. Now on to some really exciting news. I've started a new campaign set into the Forgotten Realms Setting. My goals are to better organize myself and my skills as a Dungeon Master on this particular campaign...there's always room for improvement as our last adventure so adequately showed. So far we've had somewhere around 4 adventures (which I hope to add to the campaign section of our site)..but all this pales in comparison to the best news this group has had for some time. Nathan Elrod is now a permenant fixture to our group. Not only as a player but as a friend. As for my thoughts on was exactly what I was asking for when I sent out such a wave of emails and posts for new players. Someone that can definately mesh well with our ideas as a group and someone I can trust and count on as a friend. Nate's persistance, attitude, humor, and friendship have made this group stronger. So Nate, Welcome my friend...we are honored to count you among us. Also..I do have other news. We did have another new player (but seasoned vet none the less) try us and our game out. So thank you Alex for attending and being a good sport. Maybe we'll see you around. The BIG surprise is that he found this web site while surfing the web! So if he can find us...others can...and if others can...then maybe we'll find more players that will join us for a session or two! lol At any rate...For all those that follow up on us...this January 9, 2003 marks the "official" date of Nate's Knighting Ceremony.

11/21/2002 - Epic Character Modifications

Hail Friends! I have begun updating characters up to 25th level. I have started this process and hopefully by Sunday I'll have a couple of characters done (Zisudu, Alicia, and maybe Tamerath). Maybe once they are completed I'll post them up on the campaign information page. Maybe I'll even post some of the old villians we faced in the past. Such as Lord Brinn (hehehe), and maybe even Claymore dagger boy (I don't remember his true name...just the mocking one that Waylon made up). Well, That's all I have for today. I did update a couple things on the about us page. Waylon has created his own page and I added his link there, and I added Sean Pierce's profile to the page (sorry Sean..didn't mean to forget you...MAYBE IF YOU SHOWED UP ONCE AND AWHILE Well, my friends...Until we meet again..

11/20/2002 - Epic Level Adventure

I have began my next "Apocalypse Stone" adventure. I'm going to do something unpresidented in the history of my game sessions. In the following weeks I'm going to try and make a prelude to the events that have taken place in the Twilight Realm since we all last visited it. Much has changed. Some Good...some Bad. I know some of you might not really like what I have in store for your characters but I'm going to stress. This is an Epic Level Adventure and the story is very in-depth so just trust me and after the first session I'll give you more info on why I have made the changes I did. Trust me...I won't SCREW UP in this. Now, getting back to the preludes...I'm going to write a couple of short stories and send it out to each of you that I think will be playing. I did this in the past when I took the liberty to do Brian's Zisudu Tribute. So...I think I got the basic ideas of your characters down. Now...some things you might not think your character would say or do...but I got a couple of things to say about it. 1) I obviously don't know your characters like you do...but I can't tell you the events of what I have planned and ask you to write a short story about it because right now it's in the planning stages and this will actually help me to flesh out the adventure. 2) I'm going to do my best...and all of my efforts will be to make you proud of the story that you will be placed try not to give me too hard a time over it. I'll be updating this page with more info as I go on. Thank You and Until We Meet Again.

11/18/2002 - Eric's Rant : Changes within Changes know

It's been some time since my last bit of KODF news. In that time we've about lost most of our home group players. We're trying to get some more but this area is pretty much wiped clean of the players we're looking for. Waylon and I are getting frustrated let me tell On to the website that you see now. I didn't get to revamp the site...mostly because I'm pretty satisfied with it's overall layout so I'm only going to update the content. Today I added much to the About Us page. Taking the trip down memory lane as I typed in all the old players really got me thinking about how far we've come as a group. NO there isn't anyone here these days...such is the way with groups in general I guess. But thinking back to the first Star Wars D6 game I the incredible Apocalypse Stone the very memorable adventures I do it's all about me but hey..I've come a long way baby! The other players did well I really miss the old group...wish I could go back to high school for just one roleplaying weekend and do what I do so well now...just so I could see the look on their faces after an adventure. Because my friend...that's what it's about. After all your hard work as a's good to look up when you've completed running a big campaign and see them smile and tell you how great you are! Until We Meet Again my Friends!

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