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Our Tiger Kitties
We would like to take the time to thank you for visiting our website.And we want to thank you for your interest in our Tabby kittens.Although we are NOT breeders that does not mean that we don't take care of our kittens and cats.Our cats and kittens are all up to date on their immunizations and vaccinations.They have been checked for dis-temperment and health problems and they passed the test they are very healthy.

Shipping of a kitten is $250-$500 depending on your location.We use Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines.We do price checks for you upon your request.

The deposit for a kitten is $150 which is non refundable.You can send us an deposit online using your credit or debit card.Or you can request a deposit form to be mailed out to you.You have a week to send your deposit to us.If we do not receive your deposit within a week the kitten your were interested in will be made available to someone else.

The prices for our kittens are:
Female Kittens:$550
Male Kittens:$650

Our Hours Of Operation Are:

About Us
We are located in Detroit Michigan.We have been selling Tabby kittens since June of 1999.We pride ourselves in our kittens and cats.Our cats and kittens are raised right here in our home with us.They are raised around children and other animals which is 2 silly dogs.Our kittens are also socialized at an early age.The reason why we do this is so when our kittens go to their new homes they will be used to all the activity in their new home.

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