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We can choose our own reality.
Because our will is free, we can choose to see and experience the truth.
We can experience the truth of our reality as Love.
To do this, we must, each instant, refuse to be limited by the fearful past and future and by the questionable "realities" we have adopted from our culture.
We can choose to experience this instant as the only time there is, and live a reality of
~Jerry Jampolsky~

My Interests are many,

My talents are few,

But to Share is

What I want to do!!

So let me see if I know enough,

To bring you all some really nice stuff!!!

This site includes many things, such as: Inspirational pages, Original content pages, Recipes, Christmas pages all year round, and more. I am also placing links to different sites on all my pages. Check them out. Hope you enjoy my home away from home!!!!

I adopted an Angel at Pansy's.


This is my very First Award (1/4/99)!!!!!!!

Thank you soooo much, Cindy!!!! You cannot know what this means to me!!!!

My Grace Award January 4, 1999

This is what Cindy said about my site!

Hello, You have a really pretty site...I have encluded the award for you, I think the award of *Grace* is appropriate., Keep up the great work and keep in touch.

I wanted to place this award on this page rather than on my awards page because as you will see it was personalized just for me!!!!! That makes it even more special!!! Thank you, Robin, from the Hutnut for giving me this award on January 13, 1999!

When Robin gave me the award she wrote, " are an official winner of the Hutnut Beautiful Site Award!! Of course being the computer nut that I am...first page I went to was your computer page...WELL DONE! I loved everything about your site and I thought the inspiration page was especially beautiful. ...Keep up the great work. Hutnut

I had to move my awards to an awards page because it was taking soooo long to download this page. If you wish to see my awards and the comments as to why I received them click below.


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These are the type of comments that make it all worthwhile!!!!

Name: Angell Kis

Website: On Angell's Wings !!!

Referred by: Just Surfed On In

From: Cleveland, Ohio

Time: 1999-01-05 22:33:51

Comments: Dear Sue, I've just spent a lovely wintry afternoon visiting your beautiful site. Your graphics, sentiment and especially your words have made it a warm and welcoming spot on the net. I wish you continued success with such an outstanding site and I'm looking forward to returning to see any updates and additions that you might add.

To visit Angell's Wings please view my guestbook. There is a link there to her site.

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