UPDATES VCD!!! 2003/12/1

****"Before asking a trade...make sure you read my rules already....Rock N' Roll !"****

News Updates : Hi guys!! Long time no updating....sorry for that! Now you can see many new titles up here...check them out! And Rock n' Roll!

 I'm looking for these bands' latest (2002/2003) stuff ---

Dio, Def Leppard, Winger, Whitesnake


Welcome to my music trade page!!


My name is Steve, I've been a big fan of 80's rock for more than 10 years....You can see my CD collection over these years. And lately I've been interested in collecting VCD. Though I've done collecting videos before, since I can't make copies of them (cause I only have one VCR), I'd like to trade VCD instead.

As for all my VCD collection now, they are all in EXCELLENT quality!! Pro-Shot! Some of them are ripped from my video collection, and some are ripped from my DVD collection. Except where indicated.

I also have some movies VCD, most of them are my favorite movie stars' movies. Again, all of these movies are original, not bootleg!

*One thing important to let you know is that all of my VCD don't have artwork, sorry!


1. Be HONEST!! Most important of all!!

2.When you ask me for a trade, you send first. If I ask you for a trade, I'll send to you first. Unless we traded before, we can discuss to send on the same day. (Just a RULE......I don't mean to offend anybody here, I started my collection in the same way........I love music....I respect honest people, cause we're all rock n roll fans!!)

3.Any kind of brand name disc is fine, as long as it's not a no name disc.

4.Burn in DAO.

5.I don't send discs in jewel case, I send them in sleeves, saves shipping.

6.I always send in AIR MAIL .

7.Keep in touch! If we have a trade, please email me when you send the discs. I'll let you know when I receive them!

8.If you have nothing to trade, just email me, I'm sure we can work something out. I'm interested in all the things related to music, movies. Maybe you have something that I'm interested in.

Thanks for coming! Take a look and email me!!

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