In Memory of Harley

On November 2nd 2006, we lost our friend and companion. Always there for us no matter what...he will forever be in our hearts.

"Harley" was from the Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue Organization. Put simply, they find Samoyed's that are left by
their owners for vaious reasons and find new homes for them with people who want them. Harely got his name from his love of food and his size. On his first vet visit he tipped the scales at 88 pounds!  We wittled him down to about 70 pounds during his stay with us.

Samoyeds are great family dogs.  They love everyone!  Especially children, Sam's are great watch dogs (forget protection though...remember they love EVERYONE) but if somebody is at the front door...chances are...the Sam Alarm will go off before the door bell.  If you are interested in a Samoyed....might I suggest the Dirt Devil Upright!  We fill ours every week.   They are hair factories....and they'll leave it everywhere!  So don't wear BLACK! or Dark Blue, or Dark Green, or Red or...... you get the point.

Get used to everyone asking about your dog.  Even the people who shouldn't know you have a dog....will know you have a dog.  I did say the hair gets EVERYWHERE didn't I?  On the plus side, Sam's don't smell!  Well, they smell with their noses...but if you want a "clean" dog this breed is IT!   A healthy Sam has no discernable "dog odor".   Let me caveat that....when dry.   Wet dog is wet dog, but many people that visit are amazed that they can't smell the dog in our house.  The one rubbing up against their black slacks with a smirk on his face.

A Sam's coat stays amazingly clean on its own with the help of only an occasional bath. (Harley hates baths....but loves to be toweled dry....go figure) However, this clean dog stays clean because his fur sheds dirt......usually on the rug.....usually on his favorite spot.  Don't know what your Sam's favorite spot is??? Don't'll know in a couple of weeks.  But this is only surface dirt....may I suggest the Hoover Upright Carpet Cleaner?

If you want some more info on Sam's check out The Samoyed Web Page.

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                                         And now for the MAIN ATTRACTION



This is my Regal Look.  Its good for letting the humans know just
who is important around here!. 

This is my Action look.  For us Somoyeds this is equivilent to a muscle 
bound beach jock. Except we like it cold and snowy.

Showing off my Tough Dog Look with my Harley Davidson 
neckerchief! See, I can do warm and sunny too!  Notice the subtle
difference this look has, its all in the tounge.

This is my contemplative look.  I use it when I'm deciding whether
something  is edible or not.

Ok, this is my forlonged look. It's good for getting humans to say
awwwwwww,  poor guy.....I'll play with ya!

This is my playful look.  See I can make ANYTHING into a tug

This is my, hmmmmmmm, that looks really good look.

This is my, are you going to eat ALL of that look.  This look wears
down most humans.  However, my current humans seem immune.

This is my Party Harley look.  Even Sam's like 
Mardi Gras!  You want my me somethin!

Merry Christmas Everyone.....I'm waiting for Santa Claus

I love the snow....really I do!!!!

Can you see me? How bout now? Now? How about now? heh heh heh

Taken Oct. 25th 2006 barely two weeks before he passed.

His favorite thing to do on cool Autumn day.

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