Welcome, this is the story about 2 twin girls who came into the world 12wks early, and here is there story!!

September 19 is when my life changed dramaticly, I was going in for a follow up ultrasound, when the technician told me the

shocking news "You are having twins" Right then and there I knew it was time for me to grow up and start taking being pregnant more seriously and worry about the future not only of a child but children . . . Baby A & Baby B is what she called them, told me they were healthy and I was 19wks pregnant. I cried like a baby as the Doctor did the ultrasound but I also felt proud, proud that I was going to be a mother of not one but two babies and proud that I was chosen to carry two babies, but not proud that their father wasn't as proud as I was, but that didn't matter they were coming into the world anyway and they were mines and that was all that mattered . . .

The next week I had a doctors appointment there I was advised to stay in the bed(basically bedrest) I told the doctor that I would but I knew that was impossible, here I am doing this all alone and how could I possibly stay in the bed. I had to wash my clothes, go grocery shopping catch the bus to and from the doctors office and pay my bills, how can I possibly stay in bed, but I tried. . . My doctors appointment was not like a regular pregnant woman I was classified as high risk, so I had to attend the doctor every 2weeks . . . The day before my 26wk appointment I went to use the bathroom and noticed when I wipe myself there was a mucous clot on the tissue so I assumed that it was my mucous plug . . . I called the doctor and she told me as long as it's the size of a dime it was alright and that it was normal. . . So the next day at the doctor she checked me and she told me that I will have to go to the hospital because my cervix is shortening . . . I have never been pregnant before so I was a little naive(thinking everything was okay) but by the time I got to the doctor I was 3cm dialiated. . . they rushed me into L&D(Labor & Delivery) where I recieved Mag Sulfate and something to help mature my babies lungs. Now by this time i'm scared, but the medicine work my contractions had stop and I stop dialiated but now baby A bag is bulging so I had to stay in the hospital for the total of 3wks but in my 28wk my water had broken. . . . The doctor came into my room and told me that they wanted to take baby A now because my water had broken and i'm septic to infections . . . but that didn't know I was prepared i'm not a dumb person I went to nursing school for a little while, I know that when you are about to get an infection you pressure goes up and you become feverish. . . which in my case there was neither. So I pleaded my case to the doctor and he told me okay, well we will watch u and the babies. . . so I lasted one more week and at 29wks on the dot I gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. . Shaniya (pronounced Shania)(Baby A) weighing in at 1lb 13ozs and Tytecha (pronounced Tytesha)(Baby B) weighing in at 2lbs 1oz. . next page

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