What Does Sarah
Like To Read?
Forced Femme Erotica


Erotic literature has always been of great interest to Sarah. She especially enjoys stories involving some sort of mind control - such as through the use of hypnosis or drugs - that turn the lead character into a simpering sissy or cock-sucking bimbo.

Here are a few stories that she has enjoyed over the years. If you enjoy these, then you may wish to visit FictionMania or Crystal's Story Site to do a little more reading!

After School Special, by Marlissa
When Glen starts looking into the background of one of his students, he becomes an "After School Special" himself!.

The Chinaman
David's girlfriend, Jane, is rich, beautiful and boring. In order to spice up their sex-life David buys a Chinaman's potion which is guaranteed to make the drinker desire sperm. Jane doesn't approve and....

Slumber Party Nightmare, author unknown
Six girls came to Linda's slumber party on Friday night. Eight girls left.

Snip!, by Vickie Tern
He thinks for his lover he is agreeing to hormonal implants to make his sex with her better. She had other plans.

Sucker, by Vickie Tern
All he wanted was for his wife to give him oral sex, but guess who turned out to be a cocksucker?

The Sissy Mister, by Kate
A heartless step-mother exacts her revenge on her teen step-son with the help of Ms. Gladstone and her unique store.

The Tomboy Tapes, by Karen Elizabeth L.
Parents want to change their Tomboy daughter into a nice sweet girl using "motivational tapes", but what happens when the tapes fall into the wrong hands...

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