Welcome to My Homeschool page.

I can point the way to some of the many resources available to help you.
If you have any favorite books, or web sites email me. Above all remember to have faith in yourself, and your child! Many people are curious if homeschooling is really legal. Yes it is! I am often asked "how" to homeschool. There are as many ways to homeschool, as there are families homeschooling. Almost daily, someone asks why people would homeschool. Once again, there are many reasons. Before you make your decision to homeschool, or just to reaffirm your decision it is nice to read some of the basic homeschool books. Here is a short list of what's on my shelf.
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This page was born January 19, 1999. Please be patient it's only a baby! It is not an only child. It will recieve all of the attention that the other children will permit me to give it! Thank you for coming, please come back.

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