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Wicket was from the shelter in Flagstaff, she was part of a litter of 8 that was abandoned. She was a 3 lb. ball of fluff with a kind heart. Wicket was a good dog, she enjoyed sleeping and eating. When I was sick or sad, Wicket was the cuddler, she really tried to make me feel better and it did help a lot.

Wickie was named after the Star Wars Ewok, which turned out to be quite appropriate. When we brought her in for her very first vet visit, that little 3 pound ball of fluff nipped the Vet's chin. Our vet looked at her and said, "You're not Wicket, your Wicked!" She set a precident that hasn't been broken to this day. Wicket was an Austrailian Shephard mix.

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Wicket, the tiniest reindeer

Princess Wicket in her Minnie Mouse bed

Munchkin comes home

Shelter and protection.

Big Foster-Sister Tessa


Portable Bed

We arrive in Sedona!



Two Cute Bears


New House, Same Trick

Brotherly Hug

So Pretty

So Simple

Me and my Shadow...

Say Cheese!
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