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These are some sites that I think you might find useful in training your lab and saving money on vaccinations, beds, toys, etc, and on adopting a lab.

Click here for JeffersPet.com

This is one of my favorite online stores for everything that you pets need and want for very reasonable prices!

Dr.'s Foster and Smith are actual doctors, and on this site, they will help you with everything you need to know about your puppy!

Very helpful information on Crate Training your dog.

This is a Friskies site for Dogs and Cats with feeding and training info, even baking recipes!

This is where I volunteered as a dog walker/puppy socializer. Please take a look at the wonderful animals.

If you're looking for a new labrador puppy to add to your life, Doreen and Copperquest Kennels are a reputable breeder who guarantees their dogs.



Hot Dogs On Parade

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