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DESERT HENGE The Website for Gardnerian and Traditional Witchcraft.
RICK JOHNSONíS ERB SITE My site that concerns the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and includes some Fan-Fiction.
RICK JOHNSONíS FICTION WEBSITE My site that concerns my own writings and includes some Fan-Fiction.
BABES BOOBS AND BROADSWORDS A new group that talks about B-movies featuring women who weild a sword.
TUCSON PAGAN PADDLERS A group that talks about Kayaking and such in southern Arizona.

Intro and New stuff:

7 April 2008- Added a Barsoom view of The Great Desert and U-Gor to the Sectionals page.
19 Fen 2008- Updated a lot of the maps based on the Bozarth-Heins map that can be found here at ErbList.com and You need to read these first to fully understand what I have done here.
From this point I created a globe of the planet, past and present then converted that to a flat-map poster some 5í by 8í in size.
This map was turned into a series of smaller projections, each about 30 degrees by 40 degrees in size.
Upon these maps, I placed my thoughts on the ancient shorelines, the cities, the waterways, the political and physical features. When someone mentioned a location, I would refer to my Mola map, compare that to my Poster and see where I could locate the place.
And finally, I added the cities created and mentioned in the current fan-fic stories. Not all of which give an accurate location. If I err, please enlighten me.
I am uploading only the low-rez black-&-white maps though I do have the entire set colored in proper tones. Have a publisher contact me for these.

I will add some thoughts on the areas mentioned as I feel.
Also as I can I will update the maps with fan-fic locations and other thoughts such as the Face on Mars which we now call the Face of Tur.
If you are a writer, please use my maps to enhance your writings and please let me know the locations of your cities and such so I can update this atlas.
So, take sword in hand, peruse the pages and see what is where.

On to the Atlas!


These are some of the more important places to go for good or bad maps of Barsoom and the thoughts of those who created them plus fiction relating to Barsoom.

Bill Hillmanís ErbZine
Abner Perryís Burroughs Atlas site
Tangorís ERB fiction site.

An important letter from J. Huckenpohler regarding existing maps of Barsoom. Read it here!

Rick Johnsonís Edgar Rice Burroughs website.
Rick Johnsonís Fiction website for my personal writings.
Babes, Boobs and Broadswords yahoo group for b-movies dealing with sword and sorcery.
Tucson Pagan Paddlers yahoo group for kayaking.
Desert Henge Coven website for Gardnerian Wicca.

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by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
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