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Hong Kong Temple
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Temple building for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is in its greatest movement. Never before in the history of the world has such a global effort been given to the construction and dedication of these Houses of the Lord. This remarkable undertaking is in response to the escalating growth of the church, and their increasing worthiness to receive the temple blessings.

Currently Operating116
Under Construction or
awaiting Dedication6
Announced and
awaiting Groundbreaking 7

As the trend of Temple building approaches the trend of Church growth the number of members (on average) per temple will be close to 100,000 per temple. However if the current trend of Temple building continues it will soon surpass the population curve giving more and more temples to bless more and more people across the face of the earth.

This graph shows the world population growth of LDS members,
and compares to it the building of Temples by year they were (or will be) dedicated.

Temple comparison graph


Word has it that the brethren have mentioned that this movement of temple building will continue. After the 30 small temples were announced, more were announced. An additional 50 will be the next goal. That will put us to 148 temples. We may be there sooner than we think!

In 2000 we built more than any one year ever before. Shown here is a bar chart displaying how many temples were built per decade up to 1980, then shown per year.

Temples built by decade/year

President Hinckley said in the opening of the October 1999 General Conference, "We shall go on with the work of dedication next year. It will be a very busy season. We anticipate the dedication of perhaps as many as 42 more. When we finish the year 2000, if present plans materialize, we will have not only the 100 which we have striven for, but more beyond that. We shall not stop then. We may not build at the same pace, but we shall go on for as long as the Lord wills that it be done.

North America85
South America14

Region in
N. AmericaTemples
Central America4

President Hinckley said in the October 1998 Conference about the 30 newly announced temples, "They are beautiful. They are built of the best materials and in the best fashion of which we know. Each will be a house of the Lord dedicated to His holy purposes. We shall not stop at these. We shall go on building. We know there are so very many locations where they are needed in order that you, the faithful Saints of this Church, may go to receive your own blessings and to extend those blessings to those who have passed beyond the veil of . We pray that our people will be worthy to use them. Where repentance is needed, now is the time to turn about and prepare ourselves for their use."

These are the Brethren who have either dedicated a temple, or re-dedicated it after renovation.

Gordon B. Hinckley787
James E. Faust7
Thomas S. Monson7
David O. McKay5
Spencer W. Kimball44
Heber J. Grant3
Ezra Taft Benson2
Howard W. Hunter2
Wilford Woodruff2
Hugh B. Brown1
Orson Hyde1
Harold B. Lee1
Boyd K. Packer1
Marion G. Romney1
George Albert Smith1
Joseph Smith1
Joseph Fielding Smith1
John Taylor1
Daniel H. Wells1

Local authorities of various cities have been told that if they can find a suitable location within or near their city then a temple will be placed there. This is only applied to the condition of whether there are ample tithe paying members and priesthood holders in these areas. President Hinckley also said in the October 1999 General Conference, "Brethren and sisters, it is a glorious season in this work. God, our Eternal Father, is blessing His cause, His kingdom, and His people. The resources of the Church, including the facilities for temple work, are increasing. In view of the fact that we do not build a temple until there are sufficient people in the area, until there are sufficient tithe payers, and until there is sufficient faith, the very construction of these sacred buildings becomes an indicator of the increase of faith and obedience to the principles of the gospel." More temple announcements are on their way!

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