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Never Thought This Could Be

As Rogue came round she saw lots of blurs, which as her eyesight began to focus, became Kitty, Kurt, Logan and the Prof. They were looking down at their with worried expressions on their faces.

As Rogue became more aware of her surroundings she saw that she was back at the mansion. In the med lab to be precise. She could hear Mr McCoy shuffling away in the background.

"Rogue, are you, like, okay?" Kitty asked.

"Ah'm fine." Rogue replied struggling to sit up.

"You've been out for, like, five hours. What happened?" pestered Kitty.

Rogue stared. She had been out for five hours. A simple draining like that was supposed to make the other person to pass out not her. But then again it hadn't felt like normal.

"Ah don't know. I was with Jean and we found Gambit. She distracted him while Ah drained him but then I was knocked out." Rogue explained.

Just the Dr McCoy came and told her that she would be fine but they should let her rest for a while.

They all left apart form the Prof who wheeled closer to Rogue's head.

"I'm going to look into your mind too see if there is any lasting damage." He explained.

Rogue closed her eyes and made herself relax. The Prof gently entered her mind and began to look around. He came across a kind of clump oat the back of her mind where he could feel another person. He withdrew from her head a few moments later and Rogue opened her eyes and sat up.

"Well" the Prof started, "there seems to be no lasting damage but there is something that has changed. You seem to have created a mind link with Gambit."

"How is that possible?" asked Rogue as her eyes widened.

"Well I believe that as you touched him Jean hit him with a type of telepathy that caused you to become linked with each other. It also seemed to give you the effect that you have on others when you use your own powers. That is what caused you to become unconscious." The Prof explained.

"Well how do I get rid of it?" Rogue asked. She was getting agitated that there was going to be another voice in her head, one that she wouldn't be able to control.

"I can't say. It may go in a few days maybe a few weeks. It could even last a few months. As me removing it-I can't. It is too dangerous as it may kill you or Mr LeBeau." The Prof said gently.

Rogue just stared, dumbfounded. She would have him in her head. Him of all people. An enemy and a guy. She could control the psyches in her head for most of the time but she didn't know what this situation could do to her control. This would be different. She got up and walked out leaving the Prof behind and stormed off to her room.

J ******* J

Merde thought Remy as regained consciousness. His head felt like it had been stomped on. He opened his eyes, which gave him a blurred sight of his room at the Acolyte base. He closed his eyes as his mind went over what went over what had happened. He had been fighting two filles. He had thrown cards at the redhead but they were deflected, she must have been the telepath/telekinetic in Mag's files. He had then felt the petite one touch his face. Then what? He couldn't remember. He sat up and groaned as he did. It felt like he had pulled a muscle. He forced himself to stand and then walked down the stairs to the main room. Here he found John watching the TV and Piotr reading some Russian novel.

"Hey mate! How ya doing?" asked the pyromaniac. "We were about to send out a search party."

"How are you feeling?" asked Piotr "You have been unconscious for hours."

"Remy be fine mon amis." Remy replied as he passed through to the kitchen. The Russian got up and followed him.

"When we found you the X-Men were carrying away the power-thief, she was out cold. We grabbed you and left when they did." Piotr explained answering Remy's unasked questions.

So it was the power-thief who did this. Such a pretty little femme he thought.

[Don't you dare think of me that way!] A voice snapped at him.

He jumped; startled he looked round the kitchen as if expecting to see an intruder.

"What the hell?!" he said aloud.

Piotr looked round from where he had been searching in the fridge. "What do you mean comrade?" he asked with a concerned look.

"Did you not hear that voice mon ami?" asked a confused Remy

"I did not hear anything apart from you." Piotr replied from inside the fridge.

[Ah'm in your head Swamp Rat, and you're in mine!] replied the voice in his head.

Huh, Remy thought as he grabbed his glass and walked back up the stairs to his room.

[God you're so stupid. Meet me in the park in Bayville in half an hour. OK? Ah'll explain everything then.]

Remy drank his drink, reached for his coat and keys. He stalked down the stairs and out the door and got on his bike and sped off.

What's happening to me he thought, unaware that the voice heard it.

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