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To Have and to Hold

Chapter Two: In Flight Thoughts

Jean fidgeted in her seat. Beside her Scott was sound asleep not even snoring. Tom, her fiancÚ, snored.

Jean glanced out the small oval window into the darkness trying to conjure up Tom's kind face but her eyes were drawn back to the man beside her on this flight to Europe. He was so peaceful, even with his eyes covered by his glasses. He shifted in his sleep so his head now rested on her arm. A stray piece of silky brown hair fell across his face so Jean gently pushed it back with her left hand just as the stewardess walked past. The blonde hostess picked up on the ring.

"Ahh," the blonde cooed. "Congratulations, you two make a great couple."

And with that she walked off, giving Jean no time to correct her.
Unable to sleep the redhead tried to watch the movie that was on but her mind kept wandering back the stewardess' words.

If the past five years had been different, if they had stayed together, could this have been Scott's ring on her finger? She looked down at him again and her heart skipped a beat. Was there still something there? When he had grasped her hand back at the mansion it had felt so right, as if it were meant to be there.

Jean dismissed the thought. She loved Tom and she was going to marry him. Scott was her past but Tom was her future.

Scott woke with a start. He glanced quickly out the window to realise they were still flying. Beside him Jean had fallen asleep looking like a heavenly goddess with her red hair spilling over her shoulders.

Scott's mind went back to when they had met again after so many years. For a brief moment, when she stood up, the sun streamed out behind her, engulfing her in a golden glow as if she had stepped out of a flame. He would always remember how she looked then.

His eyes were drawn to the ring on her finger. Could it have been his if these last five years had been different?

He looked at her serene face and sighed. It was pointless to dream even if her hand fitted his perfectly.

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