Every thing is not always sweetness and light and colour in Rainbow Land. Rainbow Brite and her friends fight a continuous battle against those two villains of glumness and dreariness, Murky Dismal and Lurky.

Murky Dismal

Murky lives with his bumbling assistant, Lurky, on a grey and gloomy hill above Rainbow Land. It is called The Pits - and it really is! Threatening smoke always looms above it and inside it's even worse! It's dark and eerir and Murky's laboratory is there. Inside his laboratory, Murky makes concoctions which gurgle and bubble menacingly as he tries to think up more ways of capturing Rainbow and the Colour Kids. The empty cages are just waiting to be filled! Murky just loves to send out clouds of gloom from his Gloom Gun and 'cheer everyone down'! His chief aim in life is to steal Rainbow's magic Colour Belt so that everyone will then become a miserable as he is.


Lurky is Murky Dismal's bumbling assistant who always seems to get everything wrong, no matter how hard he tries. He hovers over Murky, getting in his way as he tries out his latest experiment, and he is too stupid to know just how evil Murky Dismal really is! Also, crafy Murky always keeps a small gloom cloud above Lurky's head to make sure he is always unhappy.

Murky and Lurky travel about Rainbow Land in their strange vehicle they call the Grunge Buggy, it is a broken down beach buggy with a dustbin tied to the side for Murky to ride in while Lurky drives! Fortunately for Rainbow Brite and her friends, it is always breaking down just when the villainous pair are almost winning.


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