The Yale University Houpts
The Bush's are not the only father and son pair to have graduated from Yale University.  Wilber E. Houpt (C/O 1883) and his son George Knight Houpt (C/O 1916) did so as well.

We believe these two to be related to the Buffalo, NY Haupt/Houpt clans.  George Knight Houpt did some undergraduate work at State University of New York at Buffalo prior to attending Yale.

Upon George K. Houpt's graduation from Yale in 1916 he enlisted in the French Army as an ambulance driver with the Harjes Ambulance Corps.  A gift of 50 ambulances was provided from Mr. Harjes to the French Government for use in WWI.  Drivers for these were recruited from men of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton Universities.

In 1916, while George K. Haupt was in Verdun, France he contracted highly infectious cerebrospinal menengitis from a fellow ambulance driver.  He would not realize this until 1918 when the symptoms and conditions took hold.

He would serve just 7 months with the French Army.  From Sept. 1916 to 1918, he studied opera in Paris and became quite reputable as a vocalist.  George Knight Houpt died July 18, 1918.  Famed Opera Star Puccini commented at the news of Houpt's death,"the world will never know its great loss."
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