Rudolf Haab (Haup, Haupe, Hawpe)
m. 1756 (in PA)
Rudolph Hawpe and Catherine (Heilman) Hawpe
b. 1727
d. 1804
1.  Henry Heilman - b. Mar. 8, 1758 d. Dec. 21, 1835
      m. Elizabeth Teaford - b. Mar. 11, 1763 d. Apr. 7, 1847
      (name recorded in St. John's Church as Heinrich Haubt)
2.  John - b. 1759 d. July 19, 1849
      m. Mary "Polly" Mizer - b.
      m. Apr. 23, 1791
3.  Mary "Polly" - b.
      m. _______ Sites - b.
4.  Adam - b. 1767 d. July 26, 1802
     m. Catherine Koiner - b. abt. 1773 d.
     m. Nov. 27, 1794
5.  Betsy - b. abt. 1770   d. 1844
     m. Christian Moomaw - b. abt. 1768 d.
     m. Apr. 21, 1790
6.  Susannah - b. 1773 d. Dec. 18, 1847
     m. George Michael Koiner - b.
     m. June 3, 1794
7.  Emmanuel - b. 1775 d. 1807/08
      m. (never married)
Children of #1:  Sarah (b. 1791), Elizabeth (b. 1792 d. 1845), Catherine (b. 1797 d. 1844), Jane Christiana (b. 1800 d. 1858), Henry Heilman (b. 1803 d. 1859), John Teaford (b. 1806 d. 1855).

Children of #2:  Catherine (b. 1792), John (b. 1794 d. 1874), Elizabeth (b. 1797 d. 1848), Mary (b. 1799 d. 1839), Adam Mizer (b. 1804 d. 1880), William Shields (b. 1809 d. 1877), Lucy Ann (b. 1812 d. 1828). This family resided in the area of Penmerryl Farm, 321 Penmerryl Dr., Greenville, VA.  Lucy Ann Haupe's grave was found here.  She died Oct. 12, 1828 age 16y, 6m, 18d.

Children of #4:  Elizabeth (b. 1796), Rudolph (b. 1798 d. 1849), George W. (b. 1800).
Rudolph Haupe first resided in Lampeter Twp., Lancaster County, PA.  Lampeter is today a very small village just southeast of the city of Lancaster, PA. He would later move his family to Greenville Twp., Augusta Co., VA in 1784.  Catherine (Heilman) Hawpe was the daughter of Adam Heilman of Lebanon Twp, Lancaster County, PA (now Lebanon Co., PA) who died Sept. 22, 1770.  Adam Heilman's will listed daughter Catherine and son-in-law Rudolph.  Rudolph's and Catherine's daughter Susannah was baptized in Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA in 1773.

Rudolph is a son of Heinrich Haup who died intestate in Lancaster County, PA in 1743.   

Heinrich Haup is Heinrich Haab (b. June 23, 1707) who emigrated in 1743 from Herrliberg, District Meilen, Zurich Canton, Switzerland.  This village is located on the NE bank of Lake Zurich.   Emigrating with Heinrich were his two sons: Rudolf (b. June 6, 1732 age 11) and Hans Rudolf (b. 1727 age 16).  No female family members were listed as having emigrated with these three.  Emigration records indicate their destination was Carolina meaning either New Bern, North Carolina or Charleston, SC.  New Bern was a Swiss settlement named for Bern, Switzerland.  Many of these ships destined for Carolina decided instead to arrive in Philadelphia.  Heinrich Haab appears to have become seriously ill on the passage and as a result would soon die (1743) in Lancaster Co., PA.  Conditions on the ships were often such that many would become ill during the six weeks at sea. 

Andreas Haab and his family would also emigrate in 1743.  He was from the neighboring village of Meilen.  Traveling with Andreas Haab (b. Aug. 19, 1710) were his wife Dorothea (Dolder) Haab (b. Mar. 28, 1712) and three children.  They were: Regula (b. Jan. 22, 1732), Barbara (b. Jan. 10, 1734), and Heinrich (b. July 17, 1735).   Andreas appears to be a brother of Heinrich Haab.  I would imagine these two groups sailed together on the same ship though no information has been discovered to support this.  No more knowledge is known at present on the Andreas Haab line after arrival in the Colonies.

The above understanding evolved from two factors.  First was a Y-DNA test that came back with a (DYS) match to a Hans Haab from Switzerland (Aug./Sept. 2009).  Second, was Gary R. Hawpe's discovery on 9/22/2009 of a reference to a record in the
Swiss Emigration Records of the Eighteenth Century for Heinrich Haab and two children: Rodolf and Hans Rodolff as having emigrated in 1743.

I was able to locate the entire text of this book on-line and using the page number from the reference Gary found was able to locate the record.  The record included the village names of Herrliberg for Heinrich and Meilen for Andreas.  Many more other records of this German-Swiss Haab family line are on-line dating back to the mid 1500's.

Gary R. Hawpe made e-mail contact with Gioa Haab, the daughter of Hans Haab (of Meilen, Switzerland) who had contributed the matching Y-DNA.  She provided some additional information on her family's direct line heritage.

The Rudolph Haup name in Lancaster Co., PA has created confusion over the years.  With two Rudolph's (Rudolf and Hans Rudolf, this is made clearer.  I believe the older of these two children married (Hans Rudolf) Catherine Heilman (in 1756) and the younger of these two (Rudolf) married Eve LeFevre (in 1764).

I still believe it is possible that the Haab surname is a spelling derivation of the Haupt surname.  The Haupt surname can also be found in Zurich area dating back to the 1300's.  The Haab name is found in relatively low numbers in both Switzerland (685) and Germany (435) today.

Haab, in the local Swiss German dialect would likely be pronounced as Haup.  The "b" and "p" are interchangeable.  This would explain the Haup spelling in Lancaster Co., PA and later Hawpe spelling.

Trezevant Calhoun Hawpe (b. Sept. 16, 1820 d. Aug. 14, 1862) of Dallas County, TX was a son of George W. Hawpe (b. July 23, 1800 in Augusta Co., VA) and Mary (Campbell) Hawpe.  George W. Hawpe had moved to Franklin Co., GA for a period of time but would later return to Augusta Co., VA.  It was in Georgia where Trezevant was born. Trezevant would move to Tennesee with two of his brothers (Roland Montgomery and John Henry). There Trezevant met his first wife.  They had one child there. His wife soon died and then the group moved to Dallas Co., TX by 1845.  Trezevant then married Electra Ann Underwood Bethurum, a widow from New York in 1848.   He would have seven children with her. 

Trezevant Hawpe served as Sheriff of Dallas County in 1850 and 1852.  From 1854 to 1856 he served as Justice of the Peace and then served as County Coroner.  Hawpe was one of the wealthiest people in Dallas County.  In early 1862, Hawpe organized the Thirty-first Texas Cavalry Regiment in which he was elected Colonel.  By November 1862, the regiment was dismounted and Hawpe returned to Dallas.  Hawpe was killed in Dallas on Aug. 14, 1863, as a result of a quarrel and was buried in the Masonic Cemetery there.
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