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Photos of the Rhein Valley
This is a picture of "De Oude Haven" (or old port) in Rotterdam, Holland (Netherlands).  This is where our German ancestors departed for Cowes, England and later for Philadelphia, PA.
This is a view looking NW from the Port at Bingen on the Rhein.  This is a likely port where our German ancestors set sail on their voyage down the Rhein to Rotterdam, Holland.  Bingen is about 20 miles North of Katzenbach.
A view of the Ruine Ehrenfels located near Rudesheim as seen from the Rhein.
Schonburg Schloss (Castle) as seen from the Rhein.  It was started in the 10th century and destroyed in 1689.  It is now a restaurant, hotel and youth hostel.
The village of Niederheimbach along the Rhein.
Stahleck Schloss (Castle) as seen from the Rhein.  It was built before the 12th century and was blown up by the French in 1689.  It is now a youth hostel.
The village of St. Goar on the Rhein River.
Burg Katz near St. Goarshausen.  Built in 1370 by Count Katzenelnbogen, it was blown up in 1806 and re-built in the late 1800's.  Today it is a rest home.
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