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Philip Haupt (1758 to 1832)
Philip Haupt was born Dec. 26, 1758 and died January 22, 1832.  He was the eldest surviving son of Johann Samuel Haupt (b. 1725 d. 1784) of Windesheim, Rheinland.  Samuel Haupt arrived in Sept. 30, 1754 on the ship Edinburgh.  Samuel's wife Catherina Barbara (Koeth) Haupt would give birth to Philip four years later.  They resided in the part of Philadelphia County that would become Montgomery County, PA.  Samuel returned to Windesheim in Jan. 1762 (as announced in Sower's Newspaper in Philadelphia Dec. 18, 1861) and in May 1764 would marry Margaretha Appel.  They would return to the Philadelphia area.  Samuel's first wife Catharina Barbara apparently died between 1759 and 1761 (possibly upon Philip's birth).

Samuel Haupt would help establish the congregation for the "new" satellite church in Upper Dublin Township founded in 1753.  Valentine Puff, the church founder, appears to have been from Langen-Lonsheim a neighboring village to Windesheim, Rheinland.  Puff's Church or the Upper Dublin Evangelical Lutheran Church was a satellite of the larger St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Philadelphia.  Samuel Haupt and his wife are buried in
Puff's Church Cemetery.

The Haupt family would also have ties with Augustus Lutheran and Reformed Church in Trappe, PA as there were two of Samuel's brothers and their families involved there.  They were
Johann Heinrich Sebastian Haupt (b. 1715) and Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1709).  The Honorable Reverand Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, the Father of the Lutheran Church in America, was the preacher there and would also pay numerous visits to the satellite churches in the area.

During the fall of 1781, Philip Haupt was courting  a young woman at the church in Trappe.  According to the Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (Vol. III, pg. 460), "I went to Augustus Church, where I found only a few assembled, and held service in the schoolhouse, published the banns for the following 3 couples: (a) Philip Haupt, single, son of Samuel Haupt of Upper Dublin Twp. and Margaretha Whisler, single, daughter of Johann Wolfgang Whisler of New Providence."  Nov. 25, 1781.

Then again on Dec. 11, 1781, Muhlenberg writes: "after proclamation of the banns and with consent of the parents, I married today Philip Haupt, single, son of Samuel Haupt of Upper Dublin Twp. and Margaretha, single, daughter of Johann Wolfgang Whisler living at Squire Pawlings in New Providence.  Witnesses: Mr. Pawling, John Rayer, etc."

Johann Wolfgang Whisler (b. abt 1735) arrived Nov. 2, 1752 on the ship "Phoenix."  He was from Lindelbach, Bavaria.  He arrived with his father, Johann Michael, and brother, Johann Casper Whisler.

Johann Wolfgang Whisler and Philip Haupt served together in the Pennsylvania Militia.  There is a record of them returning to Lower Providence Township 1785/86.  Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series, Vol. III, pg. 729 and 1339.  We do not know when exactly they met, but is is entirely possible they met while in service in the American Revolution a few years earlier.

Philip Haupt served as a Private in Capt. Jacob Ashmead's Company, 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot, commanded by Colonel Walter Stewart.  The 2nd Regiment was part of the 1st Pennsylvania Brigade commanded by Brigadier General "Mad" Anthony Wayne.  Payroll records for Philip Haupt are available for as early as June 1778.  He was paid $6.66 per month of service. 

This regiment was encamped at Valley Forge during the Winter of 1777-78 and was involved in the Battles of Monmouth (June 1778), Trenton (Dec. 26, 1776), Germantown (Oct. 4, 1777), Brandywine (Sept. 10, 1777), and the Paoli Massacre (Sept. 21, 1777) - among others.  The start of the payroll records for Philip Haupt (June 1778) is significant because this was the month and year troops left Valley Forge.  Ashmead's Company was at Valley Forge.

Family lure has it that Philip Haupt was the horse groomsman for the two horses belonging to General "Mad" Anthony Wayne.  He would use the name "Philip Hope" during his military service to avoid confusion with the other Haupts in his regiment.  See widow's pension application # 5205.  The widow's pension was applied for by son Henry on Aug. 7, 1847 and after mother's death in 1839.

After the Revolutionary War and while still in service with the Pennsylvania Militia, Philip would marry Margaretha Whisler as referenced above.  With income earned during his military service and his inheritance (25 lbs sterling), the couple would relocate to Irish Valley in Northumberland County by 1800.

In 1802, Philip Haupt was assessed for 100 acres of land in Shamokin Township.  He possessed a cabin and a barn.  On Dec. 3, 1806, Philip Haupt purchased 304 acres of land from Benjamin and Jacob Shoemaker. Some of this land he would sell to Henry Whisler (Margaretha's brother).  In 1808, Philip was assessed for 262 acres on Irish Creek.  He possessed a "good house and barn and a stillhouse."  His occupation was a distiller.  In 1806, land prices were about $4.00 an acre.

Philip Haupt and family would attend church at
Zion Lutheran and Reformed Church located in Augustaville, Rock Township, Northumberland County.  The church was founded in 1806 (erected in 1816) and located on highway 890 - 6 miles south of Sunbury.  It is also known as the "Old Stone Church."  He and his wife are buried there in the first row immediately behind the church.  It is interesting to note that the couple had separated after 49 years of marriage.  They are not buried side by side but one grave apart from each other.

Philip and Margaretha Haupt's children were: Mary (b. 1786) who married Henry Fullmer, Samuel (b. 1792) who married Nancy Charles, Henry (b. 1795) who married Mary Campbell, Joseph Wesley (b. 1797) who married Susanna Moore, and sons Daniel (b. 1790) and John (b. 1785).  Daniel and John would not marry.  In fact, they had to be cared for (the rest of their lives) by their brothers Henry and Joseph.

Henry Haupt (b. 1795) would serve in the War of 1812 as a Private in Capt. Jacob Hummel's Company, Lieut. Colonel George Weirick's Regiment, Ninth Division, 2nd Brigade of the Pennsylvania Militia. 

Children of Henry Haupt and Mary (Campbell) Haupt: Samuel (b. 1818), Mary Ann (b. 1825), Simeon (b. 1827), Deborah (b. 1821), Isaac C. (b. 1831), Susannah (b. 1828), Emeline (b. 1835), Henry Sterigere (b. 1839), and Louisa (b. 1841).

Children of Joseph Haupt and Susanna (Moore) Haupt: Joseph W. Jr. (b. 1830), Samuel (b. 1831), Elizabeth (b. 1826), Emmanuel (b. 1822), Michael (b. 1837), Jared (b. 1833), and Alfred J. (b. 1840).

Children of Samuel Haupt and Nancy (Charles) Haupt: Philip Steven (b. 1828), Sarah, and Charles (b. 1831).

See Samuel Haupt Will:  Philadelphia County, Will Book "Q", pg. 516, No. 398.
Dated Dec. 23, 1783 and probated Feb. 27, 1784.

Margaretha (Appel) Haupt Will: Montgomery County, Will Book "1", p. 431.  She died in 1794.

Philip Haupt Will: Northumberland County, Will Book 3-108.
Dated Feb. 4, 1832. 
Click here to see will.

Henry Haupt (b. 1795) died intestate.  Land Records Book 123 pg. 554.
Dated June 6, 1872 and recorded July 6, 1898.
Also Deed Book "Z" page 9 has pertinant information.

Ray Haupt dated Nov. 30, 2002

See Philip Haupt's Gravestone

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