This Seminary Ridge battlefield home was built in 1837 by Herman Haupt.  It was named Oakridge by Haupt.  It would serve as his young family's residence until he sold it in 1852.  Today, it is known as the Shultz House after the family who resided in it during the Battle of Gettysburg.  The home was expanded in 1898 with the Queen Ann Victoria features being added.  The home is still a private residence today.  It is located at: 4 West Confederate Avenue (at the intersection with Seminary Road) just 250 yards south of the Seminary Building.
at Gettysburg, PA
The residence would also serve as the site of the Oakridge Select Academy which served first as a boarding school for boys and later as a school for girls. Haupt's intitial efforts at the academy began to draw talented students away from Pennsylvania College (now Gettysburg College).  As a result, the trustees of Pennsylvania College in 1845 voted to absorb Haupt, his faculty, and his students.  Haupt was offered a half-time professorship as head of the mathematics department. At this point, Haupt converted the academy into a day school for girls, the Female Seminary of Gettysburg.  It was during his time here that Herman Haupt became seriously interested in railroad bridge design.  Haupt's book, General Theory of Bridge Construction was published in 1851 and met with huge success.
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