Johann Nicholas Haupt
Ship: Loyal Judith
Johann Nicholas and Magdalena Margaretha (________) Haupt
b. September 5, 1709
d. abt. 1770
Dorothea - b. 1737  d.

Dorothea was born in Germany.  She was confirmed age 22 in 1759 at "Trappe Church" also known as Providence Church in Montgomery County, PA (then Philadelphia Co., PA).
Sebastian - b. abt. 1745  d. abt. 1789 (in Iredell Co., NC)
    m. Catherine ________- b.               d. Dec. 1814

Sebastian "Bastian" was confirmed age 14 in 1759 at
Trappe Church in Montgomery County, PA. Later, after moving to North Carolina, this family line would eventually use the derivations of Houpt, Houpe, and Houp.
Johann Velton (Valentine) - b. abt. 1745 d. Mar. 16, 1814
m. Anna Maria French - b.
m. abt. 1767 (Albertis, Lehigh Co., PA)

Valentine Haupt of Somerset Co., PA is believed (by this researcher) to be a part of this line.  Previously he had been listed with Johannes Haupt (b. 1712) line.  There was never any confirmation to that assumption.  Placing Valentine here simply makes sense.  Sebastian (above) had a son named Valentine, whom I am assuming was named after his uncle.
Anna Sophia - b. abt. 1745   d.

Anna Sophia was baptized June 2, 1745.
Johann Nicholas and Helena Margaretha (________) Haupt
b. September 5, 1709
d. abt. 1770
Helena Margaretha may indeed be the same woman as above. The name change, however, occurs in church records.
Maria Catherine - b. 1746  d.
m. Nicholas Hermstadt - b.              m. 1775
Anna Maria - b. Dec. 23, 1746  d.

Anna Maria was baptized on March 14, 1747
Nicholas - b. July 19, 1748 d. Dec. 4, 1835 in Dryden, NY
m. Catherine _________ - b.
m. Anna __________ - b. Jan. 28, 1760 d. Sept. 15, 1831
m. Nov. 29, 1786

Nicholas was baptized on Aug. 25, 1748.
Christina Franciska - b. Oct. 12, 1751 d.

Christina Franciska was born in Montgomery Co., PA (then Philadelphia Co., PA).  She was baptized at Goshenhoppen Lutheran Church.
Children of #2: Valentine (b. abt. 1760 d. 1850's), Sebastian (b. 1769 d. 1793), Jacob (b. abt. 1770 d. 1825), John Morrison (b. 1778 d. 1844), Anthony (b. abt. 1781 d. 1840's), Henry, and Sarah.  See also: Philip Haupt of Augusta, GA.

Children of #3: Catherine (b. abt. 1768), Johannes (b. 1771 d. died young), Johann Peter (b. 1773 d. died young), Valentine (b. 1775), Elizabeth (b. 1778), Johannes (b. 1780 d. 1816), Andreas (b. 1781 d. 1784), John Daniel (b. 1784 d. 1847), Polly.

Children of #7:  Phillip T. (b. 1777 d. 1866), Elizabeth (b. 1786), John (b. 1789), Mary (b. 1791), Henry (b. 1793), Margaret (b. 1797).
There were perhaps other children in this family.  Johann Nicholas Haupt's will has not been found. There was a Nicholas Houpt (over age 45) living in Washington Co., MD in 1800.  Census data shows 01001 00001 (page 140).  Widows name appears to be "Jane" or "Janes".
Johann Nicholas Haupt was the eldest child of Johannes and Anna Margaretha (Geiss) Haupt of Windesheim, Rheinland, Preussen.  His father, Johannes, was born May 16, 1686 and died in 1727. His parents were married Nov. 6, 1708 in Windesheim. Johann Nicholas was named after his grandfather Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1653).  Johann Nicholas Haupt arrived in Philadelphia in 1740 on the ship Loyal Judith.

Nicholas Haupt is listed as an Indian Trader June 16, 1743.  This is found on page 531 of the Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series.
Nicholas Houb appeared in Annapolis Court on Sept. 29, 1762 to take the Oath of Adjuration (see Colonial Maryland Naturalizations by Jeffrey and Florence Wyand).  This has to be the right Nicholas Haupt as the other Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725) was back in Windesheim.
Johannes Haupt (b. 1686)
See confirmation record of son Sebastian Haupt
See Sebastian Houpt of Iredell Co., NC
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