Mountain Lake Resort
Mountain Lake, Virginia 24136
1 (800)-346-3334
This is part of the original hotel built by Brig. General Haupt.  He obtained the property in 1870 and began the resort, which he named Mountain Lake. This hotel was demolished in 1936.  The property was originally known as the Chamber's Survey.  It consisted of an estimated 100,000 acres.  Haupt obtained the property from the exchange of some of his coal properties in Pennsylvania.
When the summer came the family returned and visitors came from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, New Orleans, and other places and transformed the place into a veritable oasis in the desert.  We danced nearly every night and had amateur dramatic performances once in two weeks.  Life was a joy with excursions to the cascade on Little Stony Creek, to the New River White Sulfur Springs and other places, and I made many lifelong friends ... Mother conducted the hotel and I was her principal assistant.

It was a wonderfully beautiful spot surrounded with forests, and the lake was bordered with laurel and rhododendron bushes, which in June were a mass of flowers.  Charles Edgar Haupt (1854-1942)
A view of the hotel that now exists at Mountain Lake.  It was in the fall of 1986 that this site was chosen by Vestron Pictures for it's smash box office hit "Dirty Dancing".
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