Michael Haupe - American Martyr
The last known record we have of Michael Haupe was that he was on board the British POW ship the "Old Jersey" in 1781.

The Old Jersey, a converted 64 gun Man-of-War built in 1735, was stripped of everything except for the flag mast in 1779.  It was stuck in the mud in Wallabout Bay located in the East River at Brooklyn, NY.
An old etching of the "Old Jersey" POW ship
Michael Haupe, was among 8,000 men who were on board the Old Jersey according to a listing of American Prisoners of the Revolution published in 1911.  The list was originally compiled from papers of the British War Department by "The Society of Old Brooklynites" in 1888.

The POW's on the Old Jersey were captured from American Privateers and Merchant Ships operating just off the coast and from French, Spanish, and Dutch vessels in American waters.

Though 8,000 names were listed, the ship only averaged between 400-1200 prisoners at a time.  Disease ravaged the ship and the deaths averaged 5 per day from 1780-1783 from yellow fever, small pox, and dysentery.  "Rebels turn out your dead", was a daily cry.

Three times as many Americans died on prison ships as died in actual battles of the American Revolution.  11,000 died on the several prison ships with only 4,400 dying on the battlefields.  The Old Jersey served as the main prison ship as prisoners were brought on board, names were recorded and many were then moved to other smaller ships.

Today, located in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY, is the Monument for the Prison Ship Martyrs.  The monument was erected on the location of numerous burials in shallow graves.  For years after the revolution, bones would wash ashore at Brooklyn and these would also be buried with the other remains.

Michael Haupe is believed to be Michael Haupt a likely s/o Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725) of Nockamixon Twp, Bucks County, PA.  In Nockamixon Twp., resided the brothers Johannes Haupt (b. 1734) and Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725).  Michael was likely born between 1750 and 1755.  We have a marriage record for him dated Nov. 8, 1774 to Catherine Elisabeth Reninger at Tulpehochen.  The couple would also be listed for communion at Nockamixon Church on June 3, 1781.  No further record can be found on this couple.

Another Michael Haupt was born Feb. 11, 1769 in Nockamixon to John Haupt (b. 1734).  This is why Michael Haupt (b. 1750 - 1755) of Nockamixon is listed as a son of Johnn Nicholas Haupt of Nockamixon.  The older Michael would have been a 1st cousin to the younger Michael Haupt.  We have numerous records of the younger Michael Haupt as he lived to be 69 years old.  These were the only two Michael Haupts found in the colonial records.

Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725) and Johannes Haupt (b. 1734) arrived in Philadelphia on Sept. 30, 1754 on board the "Edinburgh" along with their 1st cousin Johann Samuel Haupt (b. 1725).  They were from Windesheim.
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