Professor Lewis Muhlenberg Haupt
Lewis Muhlenberg Haupt was born March 21, 1844 in Gettysburg, PA.  He was a son of Herman and Ann Cecelia (Keller) Haupt.  His father, at the time, was a Professor of Engineering and Mathematics at Pennsylvania College (now Gettysburg College) and his mother was the daughter of the Reverand Benjamin Keller of Gettysburg.

Lewis Muhlenberg Haupt would attend the Lawrence Scientific School at Harvard and would later (in 1863) be appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point by President Abraham Lincoln.  Lewis was a member of the class of 1867.

From 1872 to 1892, he would serve as Professor of Civil Engineering at the Towne Scientific School, University of Pennsylvania.

He would later be appointed as one of a three member Nicaragua Canal Commission in 1897 and in 1899 a member of the Ishmian Canal Commission to determine the feasability of building the Panama Canal.

His most outstanding achievement perhaps was the invention of an automatic device that made possible the reclaiming of many beaches, including those of the famous Jersey resorts.

Lewis Muhlenberg Haupt was married to Isabella Christina Cromwell on June 26, 1873.  They would have 9 children from 1874 to 1889.

Lewis Muhlenberg Haupt died in 1937 at his Bala-Cynwyd home in Philadelphia, PA at the age of 93.
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