Valentine Leonhardt and Elisabetha Wallacher
   b. Oct. 13, 1718                b. abt. 1719
   d. Nov. 13, 1781               d. l
ikely prior to 1755
Valentine is buried at Pilgrim Reformed Lutheran Church Cemetery in Davidson Co., NC and it is presumed his wife is there as well.  Valentine's gravestone tells of his home in Katzenbach.  The wife's name "Wallacher" appears in the baptimal records of children Peter and Anna Barbara at 1st Reformed Church in Philadelphia, PA.
Elizabeth (Wallacher) Leonhardt likely dies prior to 1755. Valentine Leonhardt is listed as "single" in baptism record of Anna Catherina Springer (Sept. 14, 1755) d/o of Ursula Catherina Springer and Valentine Leonhardt (both single) at St. Mark's Ev. Lutheran in Germantown, PA.  Anna Catherina was born Sept. 2, 1755.  Valentine likely married another "Elizabeth" surname unknown abt. 1756/57.
    Peter - b. Mar. 14, 1748
Anna Barbara - b. Oct. 16, 1749
Michael - abt. 1750
Valentine, Jr. - 1751
Philip - 1756
Jacob - Nov. 16, 1758
Barbara - 1765
Elisabetha - 1767
                                   m. Oct. 2, 1783
Johann Jacob Leonhardt and Anna Elisabetha
   b. Nov. 16, 1758               b. Nov. 24, 1767
   d. Jan. 27, 1835                d. 1852
Both are buried at Pilgrim Reformed Lutheran Church Cemetery in Davidson Co., NC.
    Christina - 1784
Elisabetha - 1786
Jacob - 1789
John - 1791
Sarah - 1794
Magdalena - 1796
Susanna - 1798
Barbara - 1801
Mary - 1805
                                  m. May 17, 1811
Johannes Leonhardt and Eve
Leonard (2nd 1st cousin)
   b. July 23, 1791               b. July 20, 1788
   d. Apr. 26, 1847               d.
Johannes "John" is buried at Beck's Church Cemetery (Row 11 #3)
    Eve, Joseph, Mathias,
Daniel, David, John Alfred, Soloman,
Susanna, Phoebe, Molly
                                 m. Sept. 18, 1849 (2nd wife)
Daniel Leonard and Molly
  b. 1824                       b. Jan. 20, 1819
  d.                               d.
Graves have not been located.  It is believed they were buried in the Reeds Community area of Davidson Co., NC as this is where they resided.
Daniel R.,
                                 m. Apr. 4, 1875
Daniel R. (Mack) Leonard and Laura Ann
  b. May 1858                               b. June 1843
  d. 1912                                       d. Mar. 1916
Both are buried in Lexington City Cemetery.  Dates on stones are in error.  "Mack's" stone says he was born 1856 and Laura's stone says she was born 1846.  Census records confirm these errors.  They were residents of Yadkin Twp., Davidson Co., NC in 1880.
    Charles - 1875,
Robert Lee - 1877,
Edward Eli - 1882
                           m. Aug. 4, 1901
Edward Eli Leonard and Mollie
  b. May 26, 1882                 b. Aug. 23, 1878
  d. June 22, 1919                 d. Sept. 3, 1915
Mollie May was previously married to James R. Leonard on Dec. 25, 1895.  He was a son of John and Bettie Leonard.  Edward Eli and Mollie (May) Leonard are buried in Mt. Tabor United Church of Christ Cemetery located on Holly Grove Road in Lexington, NC.  Edward Eli Leonard died in a freak automobile accident only yards from his wife's grave.  She is a daughter of Julian "June" May and his wife Nannie May.  I believe her to have been born with the name Mary E. May who appears as age 2 in the 1880 census of Thomasville, NC d/o Julian and Nancy May.
Ada Rose
                         m. Mar. 11, 1917
Lillian Leonard and George Ray
  b. Apr. 2, 1902           b. Dec. 10, 1899
  d. May 25, 1963         d. Aug. 12, 1970
Both are buried in Mt. Tabor United Church of Christ Cemetery on Holly Grove Road in Lexington, NC.
    William Ray Everhart,
Paul Edward Everhart,
Douglas Fairbanks Everhart,
Dewey Bradley Everhart,
Molly Elizabeth Everhart,
Bryce Alexander Everhart,
Ernest Leo Everhart
                         m. Apr. 13, 1956 (2nd husband)
Molly Elizabeth Everhart and Ray J.
  b. Mar. 26, 1933                 b. Feb. 8, 1929
  d.                                       d. May 20, 2000
Ray J. Haupt is buried in Forsyth Memorial Park Cemetery in Winston-Salem, NC.  He was born in Shamokin, PA.
    Steven B. Elmore (adopted)
Ray Haupt
Mark E. Haupt
  Ray Haupt
  b. Apr. 16, 1957
Ray Haupt was born in Salem County, NJ.
  According to the Easter Sunday confirmation records for the year 1733, Valentine Leonhardt was a son of Michael Leonhardt.  This record, found on the top of page 110 (film 0193128) of the Rockenhausen Reformierte Lutheran Kirche records, refutes the more popular conception that Valentine was born with the name John Paul Leonhardt and was a son of Martin Leonhardt.

Also found in the same 1733 confirmation class was Elisabetha Wallacher - Valentine's future wife.  The two would later leave for Philadelphia on the ship
Neptune (Oct. 25, 1746).  After a few years in the Philadelphia area, they would eventually migrate down Great Wagon Road to Rowan County, NC (now Davidson County, NC).

Valentine's birthdate above was taken from his well preserved gravestone located in
Pilgrim Reformed Lutheran Church Cemetery.  His birth/baptism was not recorded in the Rockenhausen records. 

The records indicate that Martin migrated to Katzenbach from the Niedermoschel area.  He was a farmer there.  These records were also searched to no avail. 
There was a Michael Leonhardt in Kaiserslautern during the 1695/96 time period.  He was a drummer in the military and was apparently also associated with the village of Gauersheim. Gauersheim is located about 15 miles east of Katzenbach.  Could this be the father of Michael and Martin and Grandfather to Valentine?

Johann Jacob Leonhardt's family Fraktur is framed and on display in the Davidson County Public Library in Lexington, NC.
Dates on Fraktur are from 1780's to 1800.
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  St. Leonhard is the Patron Saint of all those working the land; the Patron Saint of the horses and all the farm animals.  He is at times referred to as Bauerherrgott - Lord God of Farmers.

St. Leonhard (or Leonard) was born abt. 466 and died abt. 559.  He was a Frankish Nobleman (later turned Hermit) and cousin to Clovis I, King of the Franks (a German Tribe that would invade and occupy what is now modern France).  He was born in Frankish lands of the Main River - likely near Nurnberg, Germany (perhaps Frankfurt).  He migrated with the Franks as they invaded Roman Gaul (modern France) in 485. The Romans were defeated in 486.  On Christmas 496, he joined Clovis I in converting to Christianity (the first Frank king to do so).  St. Leonhard is entombed at St. Leonard de Noblat, Haute-Vienne, France.  St. Leonhard is also reverred as being the Patron Saint of Prisoners and the Captured; Women in Labor; Peddlers and Carters.
His feast day is celebrated on November 6.

This Davidson Co., NC line of Leonhardts, although migrating from the Katzenbach, Rheinland, seem to have earlier origins in the Karlsruhe - Pforzheim area of Baden.  They date there as early as the 1570's.  Leonhardts are also found in Baden along the more southern east bank of the Rhein River in the Emmendingen/Freiburg area.

Another line of Leonhardts (likely older) seem to be concentrated in the Dresden - Chemnitz - Meissen, Saxony area of Germany.  It is possible that the Saxony line gave rise to the Karlsruhe/Boblingen, Baden Leonhardt lines during the late 1400's to mid 1500's time frame.  A line of Leonhardts also exists in Sprendlingen/Offenbach, Hessen dating back to at least the very early 1600's.  Perhaps these early Leonhardts were knights from Meissen that were assigned to Burgs (fortresses) in the Baden and lower Hessen areas.

In France, there are over 6000 persons today with the Leonard name which is about 1/3 that in Germany with either Leonhardt or Leonhard spellings.  In France, they are highly concentrated in the Moselle/Bas Rhin areas which border the Rhein-Pfalz and in the Haute-Vienne area where St. Leonhard/Leonard is buried.  Could these all be true descendants of St. Leonhard?  The possibilty exists.  The likelyhood seems greater that it is simply a case of a given name/first name (often times the name of a Saint) becoming a surname which likely occured during the early 1100's.
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