Dr. John Haupt of Waldoboro, Maine
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The above photo from an oil painting was provided to me by Robert C. Achorn of Sutton, MA.  Robert Achorn is a descendant of the Haupts of Waldoboro, Maine.  On the back of this painting is clearly written "John Haupt".  Below which is a large white star and below that is the date "1764".  This all was painted in white.  A photo of the reverse side was also sent to me.  See below.

This photo and information provides dilemma to solve.  John Haupt of Waldoboro was born 1759.  So what does this date of "1764" mean?

The painting seems to have been handed down from son John Adam Haupt to his daughter Mary Ann Haupt Achorn to her son Adelbert E. Achorn to his son Edward W. Achorn to his son Robert C. Achorn.  Robert had it restored to what you see above.

Through the efforts of Don Williams, we know a few things about this painting.  Don sought the assistance of a curator at Williamsburg. The portrait was painted later than 1764.  The painting was most likely done after 1784 - perhaps around 1800.  The clothing is 1780-1800.  The hair style is late 18th century. The neck stock is from the same time period.  The person is from an upper middle to upper class social status.  Only these individuals could afford to have a portrait painted.  The age of the person looks to be in the mid-40's.

On the reverse side below, the name and year were not in the old European style.  They are written in an anglicised fashion - i.e. John instead of Johann.  It is somewhat possible for the "6" to actually be a "5".

I am now convinced what looks like 1764 is actually 1759.  What appears to be a 6 is actually a 5.  What looks like it could be a 4 is actually a 9 (the top of the digit is closed and not pointed like a 4 - therefore a 9.  1759 was John Haupt's birth year.  He was born Apr. 2, 1759 in Tuebingen, Wurttemberg.
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