The Houpe lines in Bethany Township and neighboring Cool Springs, Township descend from Sebastian Haupt/Houpt who migrated to Old Rowan County (now Iredell County) in 1778 and settled on 295 acres in Bethany Township by 1784 for which he paid 150 British Shillings or in today's money just $15.00.  Yes, land then was very cheap.  The land was on the headwaters of Fifth Creek just 7 miles north of Statesville, NC.  Below is some of their early history.

Sebastian Haupt was born 1745 and was a son of the immigrant Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1709) in Windesheim, Rheinland Germany.  Nicholas arrived in 1740 to Philadelphia on the ship Loyal Judith and settled in Philadelphia County in that portion that would become Montgomery Co., PA. Sebastian (b. 1745) would migrate down Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia to Old Rowan County during the mid to late 1770's.  Sebastian would use the Houpt spelling on documents.

Sebastian Houpt (b. 1745) and his wife Catherine had the following children: Valentine (b. 1765), Sebastian (b. 1769), Jacob (b. 1770), John Morrison (b. 1778), Anthony (b. 1780), Henry (b. 1783) and Sarah (b. 1788).

Valentine (b. 1765) and his brother Anthony (b. 1780) would migrate west into Southwest Virginia and ultimately into Tennesee and Indiana respectively.  Both these lines would use the Houpt spelling.  Sebastian (b. 1769) would die in 1793.  Jacob (b. 1770) and John Morrison (b. 1778) would remain in Iredell County on the original tract of land.  Jacob and John Morrison both would use the Houpe spelling.  We have no knowledge of what may have happened to Henry (b. 1783). He may have headed west with his brothers.  Houpt families of Hot Springs Co., Arkansas and Houp families of Jessamine Co., Kentucky believed to be related to Valentine Houpt (b. 1765) though his sons.  Unfortunately no will for Valentine has been found.

Jacob Houpe (b. 1770) would marry Eleonor Watt.  Together they would have six children - three of which were sons.  The sons were: John (b. 1798), Abner (b. 1805), and Franklin (b. abt. 1810).  See special note at bottom of page.

John Morrison Houpe (b. 1778) would marry Sarah Gallaher.  Together they would have six children - only one of which was a son.  The son was James Franklin Wright Houpe (b. 1809).  See special note at bottom of page.  John M. Houpe would serve in the War of 1812 with the 6th Co., 7th Regt., 2nd Brig. Iredell Co.

John Houpe (b. 1798 s/o Jacob) married Margaret Stevenson.  Abner Houpe (b. 1805 s/o Jacob) married Dovie Catherine Adams.  Franklin Houpe (b. abt. 1810 s/o Jacob) seems to have died by 1833.  See special note at bottom of page.  John Houpe (b. 1798) remained in Bethany Twp., Iredell County.  Abner Houpe (b. 1805) moved to neighboring Cool Springs Twp., Iredell County.

James Franklin Wright Houpe (b. 1809 s/o John Morrison Houpe) married Barbara Wasson.  This line also remained in Bethany Twp., Iredell County, NC.

John Houpe (1798) and Margaret (Stevenson) Houpe                 Bethany Twp.
    William Stevenson - b. 1829 d. 1905
    Thomas Pinkney Johnston - b. 1837 d. 1863    Co. A, 4th NC Regt., CSA  
    John McKamie Wilson - b. 1839 d. 1915
    also 6 daughters: Eleanor Lucinda (1823), Jane Prudence (1825), Elisabeth 
    Matissa (1827), Laura Levina (1830), Mary Emily (1833), Martha Adeline

Abner Houpe (1805) and Dovie Catherine (Adams) Houpe      Cool Springs Twp.
    Jacob Franklin - b. 1833 d. 1899
    James Albert - b. 1838 d. 1912   Co. C, 4th NC Regt., CSA
    John Reid - b. 1843 d. 1858
    Pleasant R. - b. 1851 d. 1942
    Erasmus E. - b. 1855 d. 1889
    also 4 daughters: Amelia A. (1835), Josephine E. (1840), Margaret A.A.
    (1846), Mary C. (1848)

James Franklin W. Houpe (1809) and Barbara (Wasson) Houpe      Bethany Twp.
    William W. - b. 1836  d. 1918
    John Rufus - b. 1838  d. 1865  CSA died of illness at Wake Forest, NC
    James William Franklin - b. 1844 d. 1923  CSA Co. D 1st NC Cal.
    also 3 daughters: Laura (1839), Malissa (?), Elizabeth Annedine (1842)
Sebastian Haupt/Houpt line of Iredell Co., North Carolina
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Special thanks to Harry and Treva Houpe and their research efforts on Sebastian Houpt of Iredell Co., NC and the publication of their work in 1994 entitled: Sebastian Houpt and his Descendants.
The yellow highlighted area is the "homeland" for the American Houpe lines.
Special Note:  Much of the "structure" of this family's information is derived from the Harry and Treva Houpe research.  It is entirely possible that James Franklin Wright Houpe (b. 1809) is a son of Jacob Houpt (b. 1770) and not of John Morrison Houpt (b. 1778).  John Houpt/Houpe's will makes no mention of any son while Jacob Houpt/Houpe's will mentions sons Abner and Franklin.  The Franklin Houpe mentioned as a son of Jacob many actually be James Franklin Wright Houpe.
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