The American Nazi
By now you have all heard about John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban.  Well here is the story of Herbert Hans Haupt - the American Nazi.

Herbert Hans Haupt was born in 1919 in Podejuch/Stettin, Germany and emigrated to the US in 1923 with his family.  When his father, Hans Max Haupt,  was naturalized in 1930, Herbert gained his citizenship as a US citizen.  The family resided near Chicago.

By the start of America's involvement in WWII, Herbert Haupt would travel back to Germany and re-establish ties with his native homeland.  He attended a terrorist sabotage school near Berlin in Brandenburg where 12 individuals were trained to carry out sabotage activities targeted at industrial defense-related production sites in the United States.  The camp was nicknamed "The Farm".  It should be noted here that there were Nazi recruiters at work in the United States trying to appeal to recent German immigrants to the US and to the decendants of German immigrants.  This effort was under the direction of Lieutenant Walter Kappe of the NSDAP (or Nazi Party).

On May 28, 1942, Haupt and three others boarded a submarine and departed from the German base at Lorient, France.  This foursome would arrive in Ponte Vedra Beach near Jacksonville, Florida on June 12, 1942.  Four others landed at Amagansett, Long Island, NY on June 13, 1942.

Haupt's group would first head to Jacksonville, FL and then by train to Cincinatti, OH.  Haupt would then travel to Chicago, IL where he would later be captured on June 27, 1942.  The group had enough explosives to operate a two-year campaign against US industrial sites.  Fortunately, none of the planned attacks were carried out.

All eight that entered the US were caught by the 27th of June.  All were found guilty by a US Tribunal.  One was given life imprisonment, one was given 30 years, the other 6 were executed August 8, 1942 (at the DC Jail) - within just a few days of the verdict.  Haupt was executed at age 22. 

How were they caught?  George John Dasch, who was the leader of the group that landed on Long Island, decided to call the New York Office of the FBI on June 14, 1942.  He used the code name of "Pastorius" and told them that he had recently arrived from Germany and would call them again once he reached Washington, DC.  On Friday, June 19, he did just that.  He gave his location and he was taken into custody.  While under interrogation, he informed the FBI of the groups plans and the names of the individuals involved (and likely locations of some of the individuals).  Dasch had confided his plan of confessing to Ernest Peter Burger another of the Long Island group members. 

The prosecuting attorney, Attorney General Biddle, and J. Edgar Hoover appealed to President Roosevelt to commute the sentences of Dasch and Burger.  Dasch would receive 30 years and Burger would receive life imprisonment.  In April of 1948, President Truman gave executive clemency to Dasch and Burger under condition of deportation.  They were sent back to Germany and were to remain in the American Zone of Germany.

Sites that were targeted included: the hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls, NY; Aluminum Company of America (locations in Illinois, Tennessee, and New York); Cryolite Plant of the Philadelphia Salt Company; locks of the Ohio River located between Louisville, KY and Pittsburgh, PA; Pennsylvania Railroad Station at Newark, NJ; Horsebend Curve (railroad location) in Altoona, PA; lock and canal installations at St. Louis, MO and Cincinnati, OH; water supply for New York City.  Plans also included bombing Jewish owned stores and planting bombs in locker rooms of passenger railway stations.  All eight were to have met up in Cincinatti on July 4, 1942.

Herbert Hans Haupt's father, Hans Max Haupt, was also tried for treason as a result of providing shelter to his son, helping him to obtain a job, and providing an automobile for him.  He was tried in Nov. 1943 and sentenced to life imprisonment and a $10,000.00 fine in 1947.  See: Haupt vrs. US - 330 US 631 (1947). 

The case of Herbert Hans Haupt was the last case of an American tried for terrorism against the United States prior to John Walker Lindh - the American Taliban.

Hans Max Haupt arrived March 23, 1923.  At the time of his arrival, he was 29 years of age and married.  He appears however, to have travelled alone on the ship "Seydlitz" which departed from Bremen.  The Ellis Island records indicate his hometown was Podejuch, Germany.  Today, Podejuch is in Poland and spelled "Podejuehy".  It is located in the extreme NW of Poland along the Oder River near Szczecin - formerly Stettin.  This area was part of Germany after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

The Social Security Death Index shows Hans Max Haupt as being born Jan. 11, 1894 in Germany.  His Social Security card was issued in Illinois and his place of residence at the time of his death (March 1978) was in Europe (country code XX702).  It appears from this that Hans Max Haupt served 30 years in prison (1947 to 1977) and upon release, returned to Europe.

It should be noted here that George John Dasch would later be  vilified in Germany after Ernest Peter Burger turned on him and publicly blamed him for the deaths of their 6 comrades.  In 1959, Dasch would write a book in his defense.  He then went into seclusion.

Herbert Haupt's girlfriend named Gerda Melind had a son by him.  The son was born about Dec. 17, 1941 in Chicago, Cook, Co., IL (old Grant Hospital now Lincoln Park Hospital - Dr. Joseph R. Mueller - a family friend).  Herbert Hans Haupt had left his girlfriend in June of 1941 long before the birth of his son, and travelled to Mexico, South America, France, and Germany.  At birth, the child was put up for adoption. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this son (now age 64), please contact Leslie Dickhaus at:
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