Haupt Families of Maine
All the Haupt families residing in Maine during the mid-1800's descended from John Haupt of Waldoboro Twp., Lincoln Co., Maine and his wife Mary "Polly" (Waterman) Haupt.

John Haupt - b. Apr. 2, 1759 d. abt. July 1808 (in Germany)
   m. Mary "Polly" (Waterman) Haupt - b. 1772 d. 1857

The children of the above couple were: Sarah (b. 1791), Deborah (b. 1794), John Adam (b. 1796), Thomas W. (b. 1798), and Julia Ann (b. 1805).

John Adam Haupt (b. 1796) married Margaret Delano.  Their children were: Mary Ann (b. 1824), John Adam (b. 1826), Lorenzo Washington (b. 1829), and Margaret Elona (b. 1833).

Thomas W. Haupt (b. 1798) married Elsa Pitcher.  Their children were: Julia A. (b. 1827), Bertha M. (b. 1829), Edwin B. (b. 1830 d. 1839), Deborah B. (b. 1834), Hampton M. (b. 1836), Catherine V. (b. 1838), Augusta L. (b. 1843), Thomas E. (b. 1842), Alice S. (b. 1846), and Thomas E. (b. 1848).

John Adam Haupt (b. 1826) married Elizabeth Ludwig (b. 1837).  Their children were: Ida May (b. 1857), Millie Etta (b. 1859), and Melbourne Leslie (b. 1865).

Lorenzo Washington Haupt (b. 1829) married Emeline Clark Culler.  Their children were: Franklin Pierce (b. 1854) and Drucilla Frances (b. 1861).

According to the book
Broad Bay Pioneers, John Haupt was a Hessian soldier who came to Lincoln Co., Maine between 1788 and 1790.  Hetrina's roster of Hessian Troops indicate the he was born 1759 and was from Tuebingen, Wurttemberg.  Hetrina's further indicates he entered service in September of 1778 and that he left his unit in Sept. 1781.  He had been serving with the von Lengerke Grenadier Battalion which made up one third of the von Donop Brigade.

Upon leaving his unit, he began working for a ship's captain in Philadelphia.  By 1788, he would settle and marry in Waldoboro Twp., Lincoln Co., Maine.

In the very early 1800's, John Haupt returned to Tuebingen upon learning of his father's death in 1802 and to claim his inheritance.  John Haupt would die in Tuebingen in July 1808.
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