Earl C. Haupt, III
Earl C. Haupt, III of Cincinnati, was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his efforts on March 21, 1967.  This is the nation's 2nd highest award for heroism.  The award is presented for "extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty".  Four men were presented the award by General William C. Westmoreland for their efforts on this date.  It was highly unusual for four recipients to receive this award on the same date as only 1040 DSC Awards (or so)  have ever been presented.

On March 21, 1967 three battalions of Viet Cong were attempting to overrun (with human assault waves) the US Army's 25th Forward Support Base Camp.  The battle lasted for 4 hours.  Ultimately, the Viet Cong pulled back leaving 647 of their own dead and 31 Americans were dead.

Sgt. Haupt served with the 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion, 77th Artillery. 
Haupt is 2nd from right - standing beside General William C. Westmoreland. Others in photo also received the Distinguished Service Cross.  Those in photo are from left: LTC John W. Vessey (Arlington, VA), SP5 Richard Hazel (Otter Lake, MI), General Westmoreland, Sgt. Haupt (Cincinnati, OH), and SP4 Samuel Townsends (Detroit, MI).
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