J. Henry S. Haupt House
The John Henry Sebastian Haupt House as it appears today.  The original part of this home was built in 1796 by John Haupt/Houpt (Henry's eldest son) of Durham Township, Bucks Co., PA.  It remained in the family through his son John Houpt and then passed into the Witte Family.  It is now owned by the Dorey Family.  Recently, I was permitted a tour of its interior.  It is being very well maintained with many of the colonial features apparent at every turn.  Still, it is equipped for modern living.

Henry Haupt raised his family of 6 sons and four daughters in a house built on the 470 acre mill site he purchased in 1775 from his sale of property in Upper Dublin Twp.,Montgomery County.  Then in 1796, would move into the home of his son John (pictured above and below). The foundation stones of the original home and mill can be found to the right of the larger home along Durham Creek.  The mill was an oil mill which produced lindseed oil from flax grown in nearby fields.  Lindseed oil was used in making various wood products such as boats, gun stocks, barrels, and furniture.

The home faces where the Haupt Covered Bridge once stood.  See below.
The John Henry Sebastian Haupt House as it appeared in the mid 1800's.
Haupt's Mill Covered Bridge was also known as Bucks County Bridge #212 and crossed Cook's Creek in Springfield Township, Bucks Co., PA.  It was 107 feet long and was built in 1872.  This bridge was destroyed by fire in January of 1985.  It was constructed with a Town Lattice Truss and was likely 15' wide 11' 6" high (entry) and capable of supporting 3 tons as was the nearby Knecht's Bridge built 1873 also crossing Cook's Creek and using the Town Lattice Truss.  The two were virtually identical.  Knecht's Bridge is 110 ft long.
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