The colonial Haupt families of the Philadelphia area are descended from the Windesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz Haupt lines. Church records in Windesheim show that this Haupt family group was there in the early 1600's.

Windesheim is a small wine village located just 7 miles NW of Bad Kreuznach. Located near the Nahe River Valley, it is but a "stones throw" from the Rhein River. During the summer of 1993 and after 250 years, it was finally determined that this was the Haupt homeland. In April of 1998, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Windesheim for the first time.
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Family Facts:
Three brothers emigrated from Windesheim between 1738 and 1754.

Those brothers were: Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1709), Johann Heinrich Sebastian Haupt (b. 1715), and Johann Samuel Haupt (b. 1725).

Their first cousins, Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725) and Johannes Haupt (b. 1734) also emigrated.

President Lincoln's Railroad Man, Brig. General Herman Haupt, descended from these lines.

The German word Haupt used as a noun means: Head; Chief, Leader; Principal, Boss; Chieftain. As a prefix the word Haupt means: Chief, Main, Principal, Primary, Master.

Other spelling derivations in America include: Haub, Haup, Haupe, Hape, Hope, Houp, Houpe, and Houpt.

The Evangelische Lutheran Kirche Windesheim is 850 years old and still being used today.
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Additional Notes:
Ray Haupt is the compiler of: Haupt Family Origins in the Rheinland-Pfalz and their American Descendants, Vol. I and II, (1996, 1997)
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