J. Heinrich C. F. A. Haupt
                          m. Dec. 20, 1866 (in Friedheim, MO)
J. Heinrich C. F. A. Haupt and Sabina Caroline Chr. (Haupt) Haupt
   b. Jan. 27, 1845/48 (in Germany)      b. Dec. 6, 1849 (in Germany)
   d. July 20, 1920 (in Missouri)           d. 1939 (in Missouri)     
1.  Herman - b.                   d. early childhood

2.  Caroline Maria L. - b. Oct. 10, 1867 d. Jan. 14, 1964
         m. Heinrich Friedrich Emde - b. Nov. 24, 1863 d. June 7, 1957
                  m. June 12, 1887

3.  Johanna Wilhelmina S. - b. Sept. 15, 1869 d. 1965
         m. Louis A. Schmidt - b. 1863  d.
                  m. Jan. 15, 1891

4.  Heinrich Wilhelm - b. June 4, 1872 d. Sept. 20, 1874

5.  Mathilde Johanna C. M. - b. Sept. 8, 1874 d. 1947
          m. John Grossheider - b.                     d.

6.  Karle C. - b. 1877 d. Apr. 28, 1882

7.  Emma - b. 1879 d. 1963
           m.  Herman Martin - b.

8.  Frieda Minna B. - b. Aug. 24, 1882 d. died as a young wife
           m. Albert Winkler - b.                     d. 

9.  August Louis - b. Nov. 10, 1884 d. 1948
           m. Nina Plummer - b.                   d.

10. John - b. 1895   d. 1917

11. Sabina - b. Feb. 16, 1896 d.
           m. Paul Willer - b.                    d.

12. Clara - b. Apr. 24, 1900 d.

m.  Ernst Niswonger - b.                        d.
This family resided in Kurreville, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.  They are very likely closely related to the other Haupt clan living there in Cape Girardeau County.

Heinrich Christian Friedrich August Haupt was a son of Heinrich C. Haupt and his wife Wilhelmine (_________). 
Heinrich C. Haupt and Wilhelmina also immigrated and resided in Kurreville, MO.  Heinrich C. Haupt was born in 1800 and died Nov. 20, 1872.  Wilhelmina was born Aug. 18, 1808 and died June 25, 1895.  Both were born in Germany.

This family is believed to be from Sudheim, Hannover, Germany as is the other Haupt clan living nearby.  Hopefully, we will soon learn of their exact relationship.  My hunch is that it is an uncle/nephew relationship or possibly two first cousins.  Both of the eldest Haupt immigrants were named Heinrich C. Haupt.  Their birth years, however, rule out a father son relationship.

Ships data from the other Haupt clan show Sudheim, Hannover as being where they were from.  It is also interesting to note that an earlier name for Kurreville was also Sudheim.

Sudheim is located just north of Gottingen.  A neighboring village is Hardenberg.  Today, it is called Norten-Hardenberg.  Sudheim was part of the old Kingdom of Hannover.  Today Sudheim is located in what appears to be the southern tip of Lower Saxony.

Sabina Caroline C. (Haupt) Haupt (b. 1849) was the daughter of
Charles Haupt who was also born in Hannover.  He was born about 1812.  Charles, His wife and 3 children also emigrated to Cape Girardeau Co., MO.
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