Georg Haupt
Royal Craftsman Extraordinaire
The Swedish Master Craftsman Georg Haupt was born in Stockholm, Sweden on Aug. 10, 1741.  He was a son of the cabinet maker Elias Haupt (d. 1751).  Georg's grandfather was from the area of Nuremburg, Germany and settled in Stockholm about 1660.

Georg's trade and studies would take him to Amsterdam, Paris, and London.  While in London during the 1760's, he was appointed "Controller of the King's Works" in 1769.

His fame was achieved through his masterful design of furniture, cabinets, and yes, even the royal caskets.  Most notable were his writing tables, secretaries, and bureaux - all done with intricate inlays of fine woods.

Georg Haupt died Sept. 18, 1784 in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Georg Haupt Secretary 1781
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