m. abt. 1792 (2nd wife)
Johann Christian Eberhart and Anna Elizabeth (Lopp?)
   b. abt. 1764                                 b.
   d. 1828/29                                   d. after 1827
(most likely buried in Pilgrim Reformed Lutheran Church Cemetery, Davidson Co., NC)
John Christian,
                               m. abt. 1817
John Christian Everhart and Susanna
   b. Nov. 29, 1799                     b. abt. 1800
   d. Feb. 16, 1871                     d. Sept. 8, 1885
(both are buried at Midway Methodist Church Cemetery, Davidson Co.,NC)
    Nancy, Elizabeth,
Franklin, David,
William, Polly,
Henry, Hamilton,
Mary Ann, Andrew,
Susanna, Sarah,
                    m. Mar. 16, 1854 (1st wife)
William Everhart and Lemmander Jane
   b. May 1832                 b. abt. 1838
   d. Mar. 28, 1905           d. 1870-1873
(both are buried at Midway Methodist Church Cemetery, Davidson Co.,NC)
    Andrew Lindsay,
William Sherman,
George Albert,
Susan Hasseltine,
                        m. Aug. 18, 1892
Alexander Everhart and Sallie
   b. May 10, 1869             b. Oct. 6, 1869
   d. Sept. 26, 1905            d. Sept. 5, 1953
(both are buried at Midway Methodist Church Cemetery, Davidson Co.,NC)
    Junius Joseph,
Nannie B.,
Rosa Jane,
George Ray,
Daisy A.,
Harrison Alexander
                     m. Mar. 11, 1917
George Ray Everhart and Lillian
   b. Dec. 10, 1899               b. Apr. 2, 1902
   d. Aug. 12, 1970              d. May 25, 1963        
(both are buried at Mt. Tabor United Church of Christ Cemetery on Holly Grove Rd., Lexington, NC)
    William Ray,
Paul Edward,
Douglas Fairbanks,
Dewey Bradley,
Molly Elizabeth,
Bryce Alexander,
Ernest Leo
               m. Apr. 13, 1956 (2nd husband)
Molly Elizabeth Everhart and Ray J.
   b. March 26, 1933                 b. Feb. 8, 1929
   d.                                          d. May 20, 2000
           (divorced 1982)
Ray J. Haupt is buried Forsyth Memorial Park Cemetery in Winston-Salem, NC.
  Ray Haupt
   b. Apr. 16, 1957

Johann Christian Eberhart (b. 1764) was born in North Carolina.  He was a son of Christian Eberhart and Maria Sophia Carl.  Christian Eberhart and his wife Maria Sophia (Carl) resided in Dillingerville, PA prior to migrating down Great Wagon Road to Rowan Co., NC (now Davidson Co., NC).  This migration occured from 1761 to 1763. Christian (b. 1764) had a brother Peter (b. Aug. 29, 1757) in Dillingerville, PA. He had a sister Catherine born 1762 at Peaked Mountain Church, Augusta Co. (now Rockingham Co.), VA.  Both, Johann Christian Eberhart and his wife Maria Sophia (Carl) Eberhart, are believed to be buried (now in unmarked graves) in Pilgrim Reformed Lutheran Church Cemetery.

Dillingerville, PA is located in Lehigh Co., PA.  This was formerly Northampton Co., PA.  Dillingerville is located in Lower Milford Township.  The Eberhart line goes back into the late 1720's in Milford Township.  There, Joseph and Michael who arrived in 1727 and settled there.  They arrived on the ship
Friendship of Bristol on Oct. 16, 1727The link of our Christian to these early Eberharts has not been confirmed.  But due to the known locale they must be related.

Christian Eberhard and Maria Sophia Carl are associated with the Union School and Church Association in Dillingerville, PA.  This is also referred to as the little schoolhouse by the spring.

I believe this Christian is a son of either Michael or Joseph Eberhart and either arrived as a infant/toddler or was born in Pennsylvania.  See: Aeberhard Page - New Information 2015

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