Early 20th Century German Haupts
Dr. Joachim Haupt  (Apr. 7, 1900 - May 13, 1989)

Perhaps you have heard about the new German film called NAPOLA. The English title is "Before the Fall".  The film was released in New York in October 7, 2005.  If not, a Google search on NAPOLA will provide much information and the film's trailer can be viewed.

Click here to see movie trailer. After you click here a pop up box will appear - click OK and trailer will start. Perhaps it will appear twice. Just click OK.

Dr. Joachim Haupt was a high ranking education official in the Prussian Cultural Ministry in Nazi Germany.  In 1933, he prepared the plans for NAPOLAS for the Education Minister Bernhard Rust.  These in turn were presented to Adolf Hitler on Hitler's birthday - Apr. 20, 1933.
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Berthold Haupt (Nov. 7, 1905 - Feb. 26, 1933)

Berthold Haupt lived in Dresden, Germany.  On Feb. 26, 1933, he participated in a protest march - protesting the fascist movement - through the inner city of Dresden.   During this protest march he was killed. Now, in Dresden there is a downtown street designated Berthold-Haupt-Strasse to remember his sacrifice.
NAPOLA is the acronym for (National Political Institute of Education) the system of schools for the elite in Germany.  These 40 schools were to prepare youth to be military officers and politicians to govern the lands that were taken over by the Nazis. The schools were roughly based on the Imperial German Kadettanstalten from the 1867-1920's time period.

Dr. Joachim Haupt was later offered the top leadership position of the Hitler's Youth - a position that Haupt would turn down.

There was some in-fighting among the leaders of the Nazi movement.  By Oct. 1935, Dr. Joachim Haupt was falling out of favor with the general philosophies, etc.  Haupt apparently snubbed Heinrich Himmler (head of the SS and Gestapo) when Himmler showed up unexpectedly at a conference and expected to see Haupt.  On June 23, 1938, Haupt was essentially drummed out of the Nazi Party.

Joachim Haupt's family was originally from the area of Frankfurt/Oder. He would later study philosophy and history at Frankfurt/Main.

The film "Before the Fall" is based on these NAPOLA schools.  The setting is 1942 Germany.  It is very much worth seeing.  The film is in German but does have English sub-titles.  Based on the acting, it can be easily understood.  The film has won numerous film festival awards and has grossed over 2 million in Europe.
Hubet Haupt

Hubet Haupt was a prisoner in the Dachau Concentration Camp.  Nothing more is known about him.

Otto Haupt

Otto Haupt was an SS Hauptscharfuhrer (SS Platoon Leader) at the Concentration Camp Stutthof in present day Poland.  For his involvement in the Nazi war crimes, he was sentenced to 12 years.

Lt. Hans-Jurgen Haupt

Hans-Jurgen Haupt was the Commander of U-Boat U-665 - Gruppe Sturmer.  His U-Boat sunk the cargo ship "Fort Cedar Lake" (British Vessel) on  March 17, 1943.  The ship was on its maiden voyage from British Columbia, Canada to Belfast, Northern Ireland - by way of Panama Canal and New York.  The U-Boat sunk Fort Cedar Lake just west of Ireland.  All 50 crew members were rescued and taken to Gourock by the ship Zamalek.
A few days later, on March 22, 1943, a British Whitley Aircraft released depth charges and sunk U-Boat 665.  The entire crew of 46 was lost.

Generale Major Hans Joachim Haupt

Hans Joachim Haupt was born 1876 and died July 30, 1942 in Berlin.  He died of a health problem or other reason.  He was with the unit St W. K. 3 of the Wehrmacht (Heer).  Likely same person as Capt. Hans-Joachim Haupt who was awarded the Pour le Merite Medal on Mar. 16, 1916.

Generale Major Johannes Haupt

Johannes Haupt was born 1857 and died 1925.  He served in the Imperial Prussian Forces.

Other information: The top five military ranks in the Germany military were: 1. Reichsmarschall/Generalfeldmarschall 2. Generaloberst 3. General der Infantrie 4. Generalleutnant 5. Generale Major

Major Wilhelm Haupt

Major Wilhelm Haupt was awarded the Pour le Merite Medal on Aug. 18, 1918.

Oberfeldwebel Karl Haupt

Master Sergeant Karl Haupt of the Unit 8./KG 3 Luftwaffe was awarded the Ritterkreuz or Knight's Cross on Feb. 3, 1943.
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