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Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1709) of Phila./Montgomery/Bucks Co., PA

Johann Heinrich Sebastian Haupt (b. 1715) of Phila./Montgomery/Bucks Co., PA
Johann Samuel Haupt (b. 1725) of Phila./Montgomery Co., PA
Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725) of Bucks Co., PA

Johannes Haupt (b. 1734) of Northampton Co., PA
Johann Philipp Haupt (d. 1813) of Northumberland Co., PA

Conrad Haupt (d. 1811) of Northumberland Co., PA
Frederick Haupt (b. 1743) of Lancaster Co., Lebanon Co., PA - New
Johann Philipp Haupt (d. 1766) of Lancaster Co., PA - New

Johann Heinrich Haupt of Chester Co., PA
Arnold Haupt (Hessian Soldier) (b. 1749) of Bucks Co., PA and Huntingdon Co., PA
John Haupt (Soldier from Hessen-Kassel) (b. 1754) of Savannah, Chatham Co., GA
Philip Haupt (d. before 1810) of Augusta, Richmond County, GA
Johann Mathias Haupt (Hessian Soldier) (b. 1757) of Baltimore, MD
Johannes Haupt (Hessian Soldier) of Waldoboro, Lincoln Co., Maine

Rudolf Haab / Rudolph Hawpe of Greenville, Augusta Co., VA

Johann Christian Haupt (Hope) of Newberry, SC

Georg Haupt (Haudt, Hout) of Berkeley Co., VA (now W. VA)

My other Research Lines
Haupt Trivia
Haupt Reunion Information
19th/20th Century Haupt Immigrants
Johann Valentine Haupt of Baltimore, MD
Peter Haupt Family of Illinois and Washington States (from Monreal/Hausten, Rheinland)

Carl Friedrich Heinrich Haupt of Rochester, NY (from Schwerin, Mecklenburg)

Johann Heinrich Christian Haupt (b. 1793) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Johann Christian Haupt (b. 1822) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Henry Haupt (b. 1818) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Heinrich Christian Friedrich August Haupt (b. 1845) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Heinrich C. Haupt (b. 1800) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
John Christian Haupt (b. 1810) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Johann Christian Friedrich Haupt (b. 1804) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Heinrich Haupt (b. 1820) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Carl Haupt (b. 1812) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Christian Carl Haupt (b. 1843) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Johann Christian Haupt (b. 1834) of Cape Girardeau Co., MO (from Hannover)
Heinrich Haupt of St. Louis Co, MO (from Windesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz) - New
Haupts of St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO - New
Haupts of Kentucky - New
Haupts of Ohio - New
Haupts of Alabama - New
Haupts of Louisiana - New
Haupt, Houpt, Houp Families of Iowa - New
Haupts of St. Clair Co., IL - New
Haupts of Scott Co., Iowa - New
Johann Nicholaus Friedrich Haupt of Benton Co., Iowa (from Heide, Schleswig-Holstein) - New
Haupts of Baltimore, Maryland - New
Haupts of Sioux Co., Iowa (from Luxembourg) - New
Johann Christian Ludwig Haupt and Johann Heinrich Haupt of Newtonburg, Manitowoc Co., WI (from Hessen)
Adolf Haupt of New York City, NY (from Hungary)
Haupts from Russia - New
Haupts from Banat (Romania) - New
Konrad Haub of Harrison Co., Indiana (believed from Darmstadt, Hessen)

Charles Haupt of Sonoma Co., California (from Saxony)
Gustavus Haupt of Calaveras Co., California (from Baden) - New
Haupts of Fresno Co., California (Germans from Russia) - New
Conrad Haupt of Blue Earth and Ramsey Counties, Minnesota
Heinrich Wilhelm Haupt of Doniphan Co., Kansas (from Hesse-Cassel) - New
Carl Robert Haupt of New Orleans, Louisiana (from Meissen, Saxony)
Louis Haupt of Runnels Co. TX
Dr. Friedrich Albrecht Haupt of Erie, PA and Buffalo, NY (from Bad Homburg, Hessen)
Friedrich Haupt of Buffalo, NY (from Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg) - New
William August Haupt of Plumer, Venango County, PA (possibly from Magdeburg) - New
Herman Haupt of Freeman, South Dakota (from Lazmak, Russia)
Johann Friedrich Herman Haupt of Rice County, Minnesota (from Massow, Pr.)
Gustav Haupt of Decatur, Illinois (from Bochum, Westfalia)
Jonathan Houps of Dubuque, Iowa (from Alston, Cumberland, England) - New
Bits and Pieces of Information (19th and 20th Century Haupt Immigrants)

Immigration Data on Haupt Immigrants (from 1850 to 1886)
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International Haupts
Haupts of the Czech Republic
Rhon Mountain Haupt Clan
German Words using Haupt
Books about General Haupt
Northumberland Co., PA - Haupt Family Lines
Puff's Church and Cemetery Records - Montgomery Co., PA
See Map Showing Philadelphia Area Townships
See: J. H. Sebastian Haupt House
See: J. Henry S. Haupt House and Mill
See: Brig. General Herman Haupt's House "Oakridge" at Gettysburg - New
Zion Lutheran Church - Northumberland Co., PA
Haupt Pre-Revolution and Revolutionary War Records
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Hope Family of South Carolina - New
Houpt Families of Arkansas - New
Houpt and Houp Families of Tennessee - New
Hawpe Families of Oklahoma - New
Hawpe Families of Texas - New
Haupt Families of California - New
Haupt and Houpt Families of Nebraska - New
Haub Families of United States - New
Houpt and Houpe Families of North Carolina - New
Haupt, Houpt, Hout, and Hawpe Families of Virginia - New
Haupt, Houpt, and Hape Families of Maryland - New
Haupt and Houpt Families of Delaware - New
Haupt and Houpt Families of New Jersey - New
Haupt, Houpt, Houp Families of Pennsylvania - New
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"All in the Family" Saga
Houpt Bakery Cutters
20th Century Artist - Theodore Gilbert Haupt
20th Century Artist - Erik Guide Haupt from Kassel, Germany
Professor Paul Haupt of Johns Hopkins University
Professor Lewis Muhlenberg Haupt of University of Pennsylvania
Professor Adam Philip Haupt of Cleveland, Ohio
Academic "Hall of Fame"
The Yale University Houpts - New
Professor Karl Albrecht Haupt, Civil Engineer in Germany - New
Royal Craftsman Georg Haupt of Stockholm, Sweden - New
Hubert Haupt - Le Mans Race Car Driver - Munich Germany - New
Clark Gable, "The King of Hollywood," and his Haupt connection. - New
Ullrich Haupt - Star of Silent Motion Pictures - Santa Maria, CA - New
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Haupt Families: Unknown Connections 1700's
Haupt Families: Unknown Connections 19th and 20th Century
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Haupt News
Brig. General Herman Haupt, USA
There were literally dozens of Haupt immigrants during the 1800's and even more during the 1900's.  If I am provided this information, I will attempt to include their information on the Bits and Pieces page.

If you would like your name and E-Mail address listed among the active Haupt researchers - please let me know and I will include you on my list of
E-Mail contacts and Researchers.

Do you have any special Haupt announcements or know of any unique Haupt trivia that you would like to share with others by way of the internet?  i.e. reunions, weddings, births, etc.  Just e-mail information to me and I will put it on the
Haupt News Page or on the Haupt Trivia Page.

I am also searching for old Haupt family photographs.  Those preferred are formal individual or family group portraits taken between 1860 and 1930.  They can be sent to me by e-mail or quality copies can be made and sent by US Mail. I will be putting these on the web page entitled
Haupt Family Photographs.  So, dig through those boxes on the closet shelf and send those photos on in.
Haupt Family
Haupt Reunion information
Brig. General Raymond L. Haupt, USAF - New
General Haupt's role at Gettysburg
18th Century Haupt Immigrants
Origin of the Haupt Name
Ancient German Tribes
Origin of Surnames
Old Haupt Bibles
Other Haupt Lines in Germany
Clark Gable's Haupt
- New
Carl F. Haupt sets new Guiness Record by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro - at age 78! - New
Royal Haupts - New
Haupts and Protestant Reformation - New
Ancient Haupts of Pappenheim - New
Haupt Family History CD's - New
Haupt History / Travel CD's - New
18th Century British Sailing Ship - New
Haupt DNA Project - New
Before there was Haupt, there was ... - New

Origin of this Haupt Family Research Effort - New      Haupt Family Photographs - New

Haupts of all Faiths - New
Pappenheim as a Surname - New
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Other Haupt spelling derivations occuring in Germany - New
Haupt spelling derivations occuring in the United States - New
To assist you with your Haupt research, I have recently included much Haupt, Houpt, Houpe, Houp, Hawpe, Hope, and Hape data in an easy to use State-by-State format.  This information was gathered on the individuals and families residing in each State in the mid 1800's.  Simply click on the State below to access.  This information has also been posted on the Haupt surname forum at  If you have information to add, that I may have missed, feel free to add to the post on  If a State is not listed below with a link, look above for references to States (i.e Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri,  and Wisconsin).  Haupt, Houpt, etc. Information on all of these just mentioned States can be found listed (State-by-State) on the Haupt surname forum on  If a State is not mentioned either here or below, no Haupts of any spelling were found in that State in mid-1800's. In compiling this data, I used my own notes and other research, Find a, Family, and,

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia (and W. VA), Washington.  More will be added here as time allows.

During the mid-1800's, I have found no Haupts of any spelling in the following States (the year indicates when the States were admitted as States): Alaska (1959), Arizona (1912), Colorado (1876), Hawaii (1959), Idaho (1890), Montana (1889), Nevada (1864), New Mexico (1912), North Dakota (1889), Oregon (1859), Rhode Island (1776), Utah (1896), Vermont (1776), and Wyoming (1890).  Some of these were territories in mid-1800's, records likely scarce.
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